Transitioning PSIsafe Cloud from Azure to Kofax Cloud

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This article is intended for PSIsafe Administrators and supporting IT professionals.



The PSIsafe Cloud instance was transitioned from Azure to Kofax Cloud. This transition has affected several key areas of connection information, which are detailed below. Jump to the relevant product used by your organization and adjust the configuration settings as applicable.


Address Changes for Kofax PSIsafe in Azure

As a part of the transition to Kofax platforms, the PSIsafe product line has changed to the following URLs. Please update your connection information in the login interface of any product in the PSIsafe family. The Gear icon in the bottom-right of the login screen displays a connection window to edit these settings under Connection configuration.


Updating your PSIsafe URL

To access the Cloud connection configuration window of PSIsafe Desktop, see Setup a PSIsafe Desktop Server connection configuration


What's changing for Kofax PSIsafe

General Cloud Customer Code Changes

The PSIsafe Cloud Customer Code of each customer is being altered to remove a letter from the syntax:

  • The prepended "a" is being removed from the customer code string. 
    • For example, a customer with a code that is currently a11111 will have their code become 11111 after transition.
    • The syntax change removes the letter in the string of numbers, e.g. a12345 is changing to 12345 post-transition.


Kofax PSIsafe Desktop 12.2 URL Changes

Azure URL:

Kofax Cloud URL:


PSIGEN PSIsafe Web Lite URL Changes

Azure Web Lite URL:<customercode>

Kofax Cloud Web Lite URL:<customer_code>


NOTE: PSIsafe Web Lite allows users to utilize the web lite URL to facilitate a self-service password change. However, the PSIsafe Management console is encouraged to be used for changing PSIsafe passwords. This process can be performed by any PSIsafe Administrator. For more information, see PSIsafe Management Administrator Guide: System Settings.


Kofax PSIsafe Web URL Changes

NOTE: To help facilitate a gradual transition of PSIsafe Azure users a temporary URL is being used until the transition of all customers has been completed.



Temporary Kofax Cloud Web URL:


Connecting your PSIsafe instance:

For both the Database and Customer Code fields, enter your numeric customer code and select Save.


Kofax PSIsafe API URL:

Note: This URL can be used with PSIcapture.

Azure URL:

Kofax Cloud URL:

Kofax PSIsafe Mobile URL:


Firewall access

PSIsafe communicates using specific ports which must be allowed access to properly function. Add the following port exceptions for TCP and UDP connections as applicable.


Service Destination Port
TCP 543
SQL Database

TCP 3342 (UAT)[RG1]

TCP 3343 (PRD)

TCP 443
TCP 443


See PSIsafe: Antivirus & Firewall Port, Directory, and Registry Exclusions for default PSIsafe AV/firewall information.


Proceed to login and use PSIsafe Desktop


See PSIsafe User Guide: Shortcuts, search, and general functions.



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