PSIsafe User Guide: Logging into PSIsafe


Start PSIsafe from the desktop icon labeled PSIsafe. Single click to launch. This will bring up a login screen. Enter the user name and password assigned. Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure an entry opens in the Connect To: box.



To enable Auto Login, click the ellipse (...) to the right of username and select Auto Login.



Cloud Connections


First time CLOUD users must enter their Customer Code and enable the Cabinet URL.

Hold the Ctrl key and click the Login button. Enter your Customer Code provided by PSIGEN or your Administrator. Next, click the Advanced button and check the Use Cabinet URL box in the pop up dialog.

Select CLOUD or On-Premise connection type.

If On-Premise, enter Cabinet Server IP Address.

Enter Customer Code.


On-Premise Connections



For On-Premises installations only: If Windows Login is used, you are required to put in the domain name when logging in. If Automatic Login is checked you will only have to do this once and after a password change.

After login, the main PSIsafe screen will appear. This screen (Dashboard) summarizes current workflow activity, message items, last cabinets accessed, bookmarks, and the scheduler, all located on the Dashboard. Bookmarks may be set up by right clicking on the cabinet, folder or document; they may be deleted by selecting from the Bookmarks on the dashboard, right click and select delete. From here you can begin to access information stored in PSIsafe. All access to information is limited by your access rights which are created in Management. If you cannot locate a cabinet, folder or document, user may not have rights to access the items. The opening visual is shown below:

This visual presents the Previously Viewed Cabinets, Workflow Counts, and Bookmarks. Below the Scheduled Items Active and History is available.



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