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This article is intended for PSIsafe Administrators.



The dashboard provides quick access to recent folders, documents, checked out documents, workflow items and scheduled items. The dashboard can be customized based on an user’s needs.  Each of the panels can be turned on or off. The size of each panel can also be adjusted by pressing and dragging the splitter between each panel. The size and visibility of each panel is stored as a persistent value in the user’s browser settings.


Located in upper right of window

  • Sign Out: Use this link (instead of simply closing browser) to log out of PSIsafe Web. User licenses are held for 30 minutes if browser window is closed.
  • Help: Help documents are available by clicking this link.
  • About: Provides information about the version of PSIsafe Web. This information is useful when dealing with support.
  • Contact: This link points to a support page where an user can submit a support ticket.

Panel Toggles

Located in upper left of window as icons

  • Reset dashboard layout
  • Toggle recent folders, recent downloads, checked out documents, workflow, and scheduled items panels

Recent Folders Panel

  • Open folder by double-clicking folder icon or selecting folder and clicking the folder icon
  • Review folder details by clicking on the information icon
  • Minimize the panel by clicking the minimize icon

Recent Downloads Panel

  • Open document by double-clicking document icon
  • Download the document by highlighting and clicking download icon
  • Review document details by clicking on the information icon
  • Minimize the panel by clicking the minimize icon

Checked Out Panel

  • Open document by double-clicking document icon
  • Check-in document by selecting document and clicking check-in icon
  • Undo check-out by selecting document and clicking undo check-out icon
  • Minimize the panel by clicking the minimize button

Workflow Panel

  • Minimize the panel by clicking the minimize button

Scheduled Items Panel

  • Review currently scheduled items using the Active tab
  • Review history of scheduled items using the History tab
  • Group items by due date by checking group items check box
  • Dismiss scheduled items by selecting the documents and clicking the dismiss icon
  • Edit a document’s schedule by selecting document and clicking edit icon
  • Jump directly to the document by selecting the document and clicking the go to icon
  • Refresh the scheduled items view by clicking the refresh icon
  • Minimize the panel by clicking the minimize button

Scheduling Documents and Folders

Users may schedule a Folder or Document for a specified date. Users may be reminded by email once an email address is configured in user configuration and notifications are turned on in management settings. Scheduling items may be done for the user himself or herself, or assign this item to other users. Items can also be routed on a scheduled date. Any item can be scheduled multiple times.

If Folder or documents are moved, their corresponding schedule items are updated.

You can access the Schedule Folder command from the Folder Actions menu on the Cabinets tab. The Schedule Document command is available in various locations where documents are listed such as the Cabinets and Search tabs.


The default name is set to the sort by folder index or the document title. For quick scheduling, all you need to set is the due date and then click on the “Add Schedule” button. Edit of Due Date, Name and Note will be refreshed on the schedule list. Other options include:

  • Initial Status
  • Notes
  • Category
  • Priority

This status is set to the scheduled item for all assigned users. The changes to the status made by the assigned users are independent of each other. The Initial Status is blank.


Check the “Release me from scheduled item” if you do not want the item included in your list of scheduled items.



Select users and/or groups to route item to. Route will only occur if notification is set in PSIsafe Management.


If sending an appointment invite to assigned users is checked, a meeting invite will be sent to the assigned users. Email notification subject will have the name of the folder or document. NOTE: This is independent from PSIsafe email notifications.

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