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The Search tab allows an user to perform various document and folder search operations, and also allows users to pen recent folders and documents.


Document Title Search

The Document Title Search lets you search for document by title and keywords.

  • Specify which cabinet to search. PSIsafe Web will search any cabinet with the names containing the string you provide. Specifying cabinets to search will speed your search significantly.
  • Check the “All” checkbox to search all repositories and cabinets. This may degrade your search speed.
  • Specify title text for the search
  • Check the “Keywords” checkbox to search for documents by keywords and document title. Keywords may be added to documents using PSIsafe

Limit the number of documents to display. The maximum value may be configured by the system administrator. Setting a high value may slow the search speed.

Full Text Search

Full Text Search lets the user search the content of searchable documents for specific words or phrases. Searchable documents are text-oriented such as Microsoft Word, searchable PDF’s, and Microsoft Excel. Image files such as TIF or JPEG are not generally searchable unless your capture software has embedded an OCR layer.

Full text search is easy to use. After selecting the Text tab in the Search window, enter the word or phrase being searched for in the Search Word or Phrase text box and click the Get Results link  NOTE: Full Text Search will only return results from Cabinets that have Indexing enabled.

Advanced Search Options

For more advanced searches, adjustments may be made in the Advanced Options section. These settings allow control over search capabilities using different methods such as fuzzy, phonic, and stemming searches.

Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy searches will find a word even if it is misspelled. For example, a fuzzy search for apple will find apply. Fuzzy searching can be useful searching for text that may contain typographical errors, or for text that has been scanned using optical character recognition (OCR). The level of fuzziness can be set from 1 to 10, where 1 is the least fuzzy search.

Phonic Searching

Phonic searches look for words that sounds like the word being searched for and begins with the same letter. For example, a phonic search for Smith will also find Smithe and Smythe. Phonic searching is somewhat slower than other types of searching and tends to make searches over-inclusive.

Stemming Searching

Stemming extends a search to cover grammatical variations on a word. For example, a search for fish would also find fishing.  A search for applied would also find applying, applies, and apply.

Document Hits

The documents hits section of the search displays positive matches to the user’s search. This is useful to help a user quickly identify whether a document is relevant without having to open and inspect each document.

Folder Search

Folder Search allows the user to search for folder indexes in the cabinets specified.

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