PSIsafe Web User Guide: Workflow Tab

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Selecting the Workflow tab takes the user to his or her Workflow Inbox. Here you can manage your workflow items. See a list of available actions you can take on the selected Workflow item below.

  • Approve: Verifies that the workflow item was reviewed and moves the document to the next step of workflow. If the workflow item was manually routed, the “Route To‟ dropdown contains a selection where the workflow item will go next. If the workflow item was routed via a rule, the workflow item will automatically flow to the next point defined by the rule.
  • Reject: Indicates the workflow item has not received approval. The document automatically flows back to the user who sent the item. A Remark is required for all rejections.
  • File to Cabinet: Checks the workflow item back into the file cabinet from which it originated. This is only allowed for a manual route.
  • Hold: Flags the workflow item and changes the status to “Hold‟. This is used to temporarily let the user know the document was reviewed but is awaiting further action.
  • Return to Sender: Sends the workflow item back to the person who sent it. Only valid for a manually routed item.
  • View Document: Opens the selected document for viewing.
  • Document Actions:  Allows a user to view document information and schedule a document.
  • Edit:  Allows a user to check-out a document for edit.
  • Open Folder: Opens the selected folder. In the case of a document, the parent folder of the document is opened.
  • Actions:  Allows a user to edit a folder and view folder info, notes, and trace.
  • Refresh: Retrieves the latest workflow inbox data from the database.


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