PSIsafe Retriever User Guide: Operations


This article is meant to be a brief example of how to use PSIsafe Retriever to connect to an application. For more information on PSIsafe Retriever, see:

PSIsafe Retriever User Guide

PSIsafe Retriever Administrator Guide: Configuration


Step 1 – Start the Application PSIsafe Retriever is connected to

This application displays visually on the screen some sort of index data connected to PSIsafe. PSIsafe retriever will monitor this area of that product and try to "Retrieve" the information and link it to PSIsafe.


Step 2 – Start and Login into PSIsafe Retriever

Login Screen


Step 3 – Focus the connected application

Give the connected application focus by clicking on it. The PSIsafe Retriever logo will be displayed in the corner. To activate PSIsafe Retriever click on the logo.

PSIsafe Retriever Minimized

PSIsafe Retriever running and connected to Outlook


Step 4 – Open PSIsafe Retriever


PSIsafe Retriever can be opened at any time by clicking on the Logo. Several things can be done at this point.

  1. Clicking the logo again will shrink PSIsafe Retriever back to the logo button.
  2. Selecting the Manual box enables folder lookup via dropdown selection when the Find button is pressed.
  3. Clicking Show will expand PSIsafe Retriever to display the selected folder contents.
  4. When the folder contents are displayed, the Tabs box controls how tabs are organized.
  5. When the folder contents are displayed, the + - boxes control the height of the folder display.

PSIsafe Retriever Displayed


Step 5 – Show/Hide Folder Contents

Folder’s contents can be displayed by clicking the “Show” button. At this point, anything normally done with the document list in PSIsafe can be done in Retriever. If Auto Open setup option is selected, the document list is automatically displayed whenever a new record is displayed in the connected application.

To hide the document list, simply click the “Hide” button.

PSIsafe operations, including View, Edit, Scan, New, etc. are performed using the PSIsafe Retriever toolbar items located above the document list. Documents can also be added to the folder by dragging and dropping them over the document list area.

PSIsafe Retriever with document list.




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