PSIsafe Books: Quick Start to Attaching a Transaction Document

PSIsafe Books (Books) provides a mechanism for filing documents associated with a given transaction (such as a letter, notice, W-9, etc.) into PSIsafe. This ensures that all documentation about a transaction is filed in the correct place (Figure 13).

  1. Select the company setup for which you would like to enter documents. If there is only one company setup available Books will default to it.
  2. Either open a document from a previously scanned image or scan directly into Books with your TWAIN compliant scanner.
  3. Select the Attach to Existing Transaction Document entry mode by clicking the icon or selecting the appropriate menu entry from the QuickBooks Entry menu.
  4. Pick either Vendor or Customer Entry, and then select the correct organization using the drop down list
  5. Find the correct transaction, and add a document description.
  6. Click the File document button.

Figure 13

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