PSIsafe 11.1 Release Notes


The latest version of PSIsafe is now available for public release. If any issues arise during your upgrade, please contact support. To help us make PSIsafe the best product possible, report any issues you find to your sales or support representative, or through our support portal at

Release Notes

PSIsafe Desktop Client

New Features

  1. Option to prevent end users from using Quick Filer is provided in PSIsafe Management
    PSIsafe Management>System>Settings>Options>Filer>Global Disable Quick Filer
    Default Setting: Unchecked
    Global Disable Quick Filer when checked, will override the local user options for quick filer
    This option is available in the Open API and PCL as a Read-Only Boolean call "GetDisableQuickFiler". If the return value is TRUE, Quick Filer should be disabled for Web and Mobile products that use this function.
  2. Option to edit folder index of a folder that is in workflow.
    PSIsafe Management>System>Settings>Options>General>Skip Workflow Check for Folder Index Edit
    Default Setting: Unchecked
    “Skip Workflow Check for Folder Index Edit” when checked, will skip the check for workflow status. This option is global. Note: All other checks with regards to user rights for the given folder will still be checked.
  3. Search window is integrated by default. “Integrated Search window” option is now checked by default on new installs.
  4. Default view is now folders and folder indexes for new installs.
  5. PSIsafe Management: In Management query cabinets will now be listed with its repository name in parenthesis.
  6. PSIsafe Management: Option to pick Openapi for filing documents from desktop client, batch capture.
    PSIsafe Management -> Settings –> Options-> Paths -> PSIsafe URI (Enable use by desktop client)
  7. Blue and Dark themes
    PSIsafe 11.1 comes with two additional themes (Blue and Dark) along with current Light theme. Dark theme is the default theme on new installs. The theme can be changed by user using Options -> General -> Theme

Bug Fixes

  • PSIsafe Management: Editing list item on a cabinet index is adding a new item to list instead of editing the existing one.
  • PSIsafe Management: Add/edit index on cabinet: adding duplicate index picklist items gives no error or message and doesn't add the item.
  • Imageman: the ReScan Page option should not be available for BMP, PNG and JPEG images.
  • CSV is the only import option available for SHARE users. Outlook and Gmail plugins are removed.
  • Epson Scan issue: scanned file not getting to working directory.
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