PSIsafe Administrator Guide: Cabinet Copy



Copying an existing cabinet makes it easy to setup cabinets that need the same settings or gives the user a good starting point to setup a similar cabinet. When copying a cabinet, most of the time the new cabinet will use the same User access rights and document templates. PSIsafe supports copying both the User access rights and the document templates when copying a cabinet. This can be a great time saver and eliminate common human errors encountered with reassigning template restrictions to multiple templates.




Step 1

Select Source Repository and Cabinet

  • Repository - Select the repository to duplicate.
  • Cabinet - Select the cabinet to duplicate.

Step 2

Select Destination Repository and Enter Cabinet Name

  • Repository - Select the repository the cabinet will be copied to.
  • Cabinet - Enter the cabinet copy name.
  • Multiple Copies - Allows users to make multiple copies of the structure/folders ONLY.
  • Cabinet Name List - Pick the name list of cabinets from your file explorer.

Step 3

What Do You Wish to Copy?

  • Structure – Copies indices & tabs
  • Folders – Copies indices, tabs and folder data.
  • Documents – Copies indices, tabs, folder data and documents

Step 4

Rights and Template Associations

  • Yes - Copies the rights and template associations to the destination cabinet.
  • No - Does note copy the rights and template association to the destination cabinet.

Step 5

Press the Copy button to copy the cabinet.


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