PSIsafe Management Administrator Guide: Windows Users

To add existing windows users to the users list, begin by clicking on the Windows Users tab on the Users screen.


Enter the IP address for the Active Directory server in the Domain box.

Click ‘Save’, then ‘Refresh’ to populate the user list from Active Directory to the Users screen. You should see the list of Windows Login and Windows Full Name populated.

A single windows user or multiple windows users can be added at a time. To add a single windows user, select the user name from the Windows Login column and then click ‘Add’. Complete the user setup wizard as outlined in Add Users above.

To add multiple users, select multiple windows user names by holding down either the ‘Shift’ key or ‘Ctrl’ key. This will function to select a list of users or multiple users from the list. Click ‘Add’ to add the users to.

Follow the remaining Steps as outlined in the Adding Users section.


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