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The PSIsafe Preview Pane is available in all three major product areas: Cabinets (Browser), Batch Capture, and Workflow.

However, each section slightly modifies the capabilities and functionality of the Preview Pane.

In the following sections, each preview module is explored in more detail.


Cabinets (Browser) Preview



Content is previewed based on the PSIsafe Desktop Client’s preview settings, as well as any locally installed applications or plugins. PSIsafe’s default "Auto" preview settings are the simplest and most effective way to display content in most cases, but can be changed on a per user basis to suit individual preferences. Each file type is assigned to one of four preview engines:

  • Auto - Used for most file types by default. The Auto setting uses PSIsafe’s built-in preview software and incorporates the LeadTools Toolkit preview settings to render an image with the toolkit.
  • Windows – Sometimes, users have a Windows application that renders images in a more preferable fashion. This preview setting also serves as the failover viewer when a document is set for Paging or Auto and for some reason the document cannot be previewed with that setting.
  • Browser – Any Internet Explorer 11+ (Not compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Edge Plugins or Extension) compatible browser plugin can render content in the Preview Pane. A great example is the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin that functions as both a preview module, and, when Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is open, can even act as an editor with full program capabilities. For more information on using Adobe Acrobat in the Preview Pane, see "Unlocking PSIsafe: Using Adobe Acrobat to Improve Preview Capabilities".
    (NOTE: Make sure to set Internet Explorer 11 as Default Web Application to use Adobe Acrobat Browser Plugin, not Microsoft Edge)
  • Paging – Used for most filetypes. This setting improves efficiency by downloading one preview page at a time rather than the entire document. It also renders at the minimum display resolution to expedite the loading process.

At the bottom of the Preview Pane, depending on the Preview Engine used above, a toolbar will appear that allows users to navigate pages, adjust zoom and scaling options, as well as perform basic edits like Rotation. In some cases, when a more advanced Preview Engine is loaded that connects to a Browser Plugin or similar, more functionality is available.

Note: the successful use of Auto, Windows, and Browser settings are dependent on what applications and plugins are installed on the local machine. In some cases, the user will have to experiment to identity the preferred setting.


Batch Capture Preview


The Batch Capture Preview module will also open up additional functionality of the Preview Pane, while limiting the preview engine selection to the default setting. When TIF images are loaded, annotations become available within the toolbar once enabled:




Once this setting is enabled, the annotations toolbar appears below the standard toolstrip:




It is important to note that any annotations placed on a document are not made permanent by default, unless the user has the following setting enabled under Options > General:




Otherwise, Batch Capture Preview settings are similar to the Cabinet Auto Preview: user can navigate pages, adjust zoom and scaling options, as well as pan and rotate. 


Workflow Preview


The Workflow module preview settings are very similar to the Cabinets settings, and also allow for Preview Engine Settings to be adjusted as needed via the Gear icon in the lower-right of the Preview Pane. For more information on adjusting these settings, see the section below.


Workflow's Preview Pane has additional features unique to the Workflow module, and the toolbar above previewed images allows users to quickly perform Workflow actions:




For more information on Workflow, see the following articles:


PSIsafe User Guide: Workflow

PSIsafe User Guide: Workflow: Tracing Documents in Workflow

PSIsafe Management Administrator Guide: Workflow: Adding and Editing Rules


Adjust Preview Settings On-the-Fly


The Cabinets (Browser) and Workflow product areas allow for on-the-fly adjustment of Preview Engine Settings via the "Gear" icon in the lower-right of the Preview Pane. There are two elements to this button: clicking the gear will bring up the "Edit Preview" window, which will allow users to set the default for the Preview Engine. The second is the dropdown button to the right of the "Gear" icon that allows users to set a temporary preview engine adjustment only for the currently previewed content.




Setting Defaults

Click on the "Gear" icon itself to bring up the default display options, which will then preview the selected engine on the loading of any future content of that filetype:




Temporary Adjustment

Click on the "Dropdown" button to the right of the "Gear" icon to bring up a one-time Preview Engine selection list. This setting will not be saved as default, and will only affect the currently previewed content for this single preview.




Adjusting Preview Settings via Options


PSIsafe Preview Engine Defaults can also be adjusted via Options. In Options > Documents-Display, users can add, reset, and delete specific filetype associations and their corresponding Preview Engine Defaults, as seen in the screenshot below:




Auto Preview Maximum Filesize

A final note, in some cases users may experience an issue previewing larger files, and the error message below is displayed in the Preview Pane:



This is a legacy feature and should not appear in PSIsafe v. 12.1+. In the case that this issue is encountered, the Maximum Auto Preview Filesize can be adjusted by a PSIsafe Administrator in:


System > Settings > Options > File Size > Maximum allowed for auto preview (MB), as seen in the below screenshot:




If a document exceeds this setting, the preview panel displays the following message:

"To preview files of file size greater than the maximum allowed, right click and select preview."

A separate preview window will pop up showing the document.



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