[Legacy] CNG Safe 10.4 -Document Workflow

Document workflow allows the sending of a document(s) to another user either by a manual routing method or a rule-based method. Documents can be sent either to an individual or a group of individuals. Rules allow for predefined workflow paths and can be based on specific criteria for the route the document takes. Manual routing is simple point-to-point routing of a document that is not constrained by specific criteria. A new feature incorporated into Workflow is Last Used Route Selection. Remembering the last selection, when working with long user or rules lists, reduces the frustration of scrolling or searching for the correct Rule/User. No special action required. PSIsafe remembers the last item selected and automatically highlights that item the next time the user routes a document or folder.


Routing Documents

Documents can be routed by performing the following steps:
          1. Select the document(s) to be routed by highlighting with the mouse. For multiple selections use the <ctrl> or <shift> keys.
          2. Click the “Tools” menu button and the select route-Public Access. This will display the following window. From this window, select the appropriate Route Type of either Rule or Manual.
          3. If a Rule type is selected, click the appropriate rule. If Manual type is selected choose a user or a group to which to route the document.
          4. Notes can be added to the document route to give the receiving user more information, if needed. Click the “Send” button to complete the route.

     1. Select the route type, Manual or Rule.
     2. Select the user, group, or rule.
     3. Enter note.
     4. May route as a bundle if a manual route.
     5. Click send to complete the route.



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