AP Specific Capabilities in PSIsafe

Cabinet AP Specific Capabilities in PSIsafe
The PSIsafe Client offers two specific Cabinet AP capabilities. The first allows users to view a document’s AP Information (Primary and Line Item data) and the second is to send a document into AP directly from the Cabinet PSIsafe Client.

Viewing AP Information
To view a document’s AP Information, right click the item and select “Get AP Information”. The AP Information pop up will display the Primary Data, Line Items, and Trace by clicking the desired tab. If the item has not been processed in AP, the pop up will be blank for Primary Data and Line Items, however Trace will still display any trace history.

Send Document to AP
To send a document into AP from PSIsafe, use Route and then select AP. This will open the AP Template selection panel. Select desired Template, add a note if desired and click Send. This will send the document to AP and create a record in the AP tables.

Note: a document can only be AP Processed one time. Sending an item to be processed for the 2nd time will cause the following message:

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