PSIsafe User Guide: Creating and Editing Folders

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The basics of PSIsafe folder creation are intuitive and straightforward. Imagine that in most cases, a folder in PSIsafe is meant to represent a real file folder in a physical cabinet. Explanations of the structure of folders and their corresponding index values are covered. Further walkthroughs and interface elements are covered in detail throughout the article.




Folders may be populated by clicking on New and manually entering the index information. Edit the folder by clicking on Edit (on the button bar or right click on the folder.) Populate folders by selecting Tools, on the button bar, and automatically populate the indexes by importing the information from a CSV spreadsheet.




Populating Folder – Importing Indexes using a CSV Spreadsheet

Create cabinet in Management – a CSV spreadsheet has been created and based on the indexes built in the cabinet will populate the folders.

Select Tools>Folder Action> Indexes> Import Folder Indexes:




  1. Select location of excel spreadsheet-check headers if appropriate.
  2. Select Repository, Cabinet, and Folder Sensitivity.
  3. Map PSIsafe indices to the source data fields.
  4. Update existing folder matches.
  5. Start Import.




After import is complete, close out the Folder Import screen, click on the find button in the search folder area to bring in folders.


Folders Populated




Folder Pagination


When the folder count exceeds 100 in your active cabinet, Folder Pagination controls appear automatically at the bottom of the Folder Pane, as in the following screenshot:




For more information on PSIsafe's Pagination logic, see:

PSIsafe User Guide: Pagination Updates


Folders may also be populated using PSIsafe Synchronizer and Books to populate vendors and customers from QuickBooks using the sync program.


Main Navigation Menu and Folder Menu




  • File – Change User, Access PSIsafe Management, or Exit.
  • Layout – Each user has options of setting up their layout according to their unique needs.
  • Search – Allows search over all repositories and cabinets. Type in the field and hit the "Search" button to perform a quick search with that term.
  • Options – A Host of Theme, Appearance, and other organization elements of the PSIsafe Client.
  • Help – Displays a list of help menu options.
  • Open – Opens the folder currently selected.
  • New – Create a new folder – (rights driven).
  • Edit – Edit current folder – (rights driven).
  • Delete – Delete current folder – (rights driven).
  • Tools – Route folder, mark folder to move with documents to a compatible cabinet, select all in list, unselect all, and using the folder actions, populate folders from excel spreadsheet, import or export indices.

Info Pane



  • Index – Defines the index in a folder.
  • Info – information relating to the folder, create date, sensitivity, etc.
  • Notes – Folder notes.
  • Trace – Route and traces the location of a folder.


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