[Legacy] CNG Safe 10.4: Searching for Indexes and Folders

NOTE: This search functionality is limited to the CNG-Safe version 10 generation.



Users who wish to search for folders and by folder indexes for the Legacy CNG-Safe client can find basic instructions below:


Searching Indexes from the Folder

Search Folder index using the advanced button.

        1. Setting a Query for Advanced Search.
        2. Filter By: Select Index.
        3. Value: Select Value.
        4. Condition: Select.
        5. Click on Add: will give # of records matched.
        6. Run Query: See Below – 4 Names.
        7. Save Query: Save searches for later use.

        8. Using Tools select export folder indexes – will export to a CSV file.

        9. Select location to export CSV index file.

        10. All will select all the folders in the query.


Search for Folders
The “Find” box at the bottom of the folder list allows for entering of the search criteria. After entering the search value, click the “Find” button to the right of the search box to execute the search. Hit the <Enter> key on the keyboard, double click the folder, or click the “Open” button on the tool bar to open the selected folder.


Step 1: Enter name of folder – to retain sort by & reference select from the ellipse box for individual users

Step 2: Click on the find button when the folder name is entered

Step 3: Double click the folder, hit the <Enter> key on the keyboard, or click ”Open” on the toolbar to open the selected folder



Changing the Sort by value with the drop down menu or double clicking one of the index values allows searching for a folder based on a different index value. The “Reference” index will locate a folder that may have multiple search results based on the “Sort By” value. For example: The “Sort By” may be set to last name and the “Reference” may be set to address. If you search for a folder with the name of “Smith” you could get multiple results. The “Reference” index of address will visually locate the correct “Smith” folder by viewing the address.

Once a folder is opened, the graphical interface will display a listing of the documents in the folder. The documents are categorized by tabs and description. A document can be viewed by simply clicking on the document and looking at the preview or by double clicking to open the document with the native application.

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