PSIsafe User Guide: Export Folder Indexes


PSIsafe allows for users and administrators to form custom Folder Indexes based on a variety of factors that suit their business needs. In order to easily move these indexes from one cabinet to another, without using the "Cabinet Copy" function, users or administrators can instead export the Folder Indexes independently as a CSV or XML file, which has broad-reaching compatibility with a variety of PSIGEN products and third-party solutions. 


PSIsafe – Custom Folder Index Export

To begin, we need to pull up the folders whose index values the user or administrator wishes to export. There are two methods to easily accomplish this, via search or simply by browsing to the folders within the PSIsafe Cabinets Browser.

Additionally, users can select indexes they wish to export instead of exporting all indexes. This saves time and eliminates needing to delete unwanted columns in the exported CSV or XML file.


Search Method

1. If you are exporting all your folder indexes, you can skip to the next step. Otherwise, use folder search to create a list of folders you wish to export. Narrow down results by adding appropriate search query terms. You can use the F3 button on the Cabinets Browser or enter the full Search screen. If using F3, the results will display within the folder pane. If using the Full Search screen (by clicking "Search" in the upper-right search field), then the results will be displayed on the second page:

F3 Search:



Full Search:



Once you have your folders displayed and selected (using Ctrl + Left-click and Shift + Left-Click will allow you to select folders from the list as needed), simply select Tools > Folder Actions > Indexes > Export Folder Indexes:




After that, you'll see the Export Folder Indexes screen as seen below:




Different export options are available to expedite the process:

  • Select All - Selects all folders within the given search results or cabinet for export.
  • Listed - Uses only the currently listed search results or filtered list for export.
  • Selection - Uses only the highlighted selections for export.

Use the pull down to select the desired file type, CSV or XML.

Browse to the location you want the file to reside via the "Ellipses" button on the right or by manually typing a path.

If you are finished with your selection, you can simply hit the "export" button. Otherwise, you can narrow down your export results further by using the Column Selection tool via the "Columns..." button.


Further export modification via Column Selection

If you want to modify what indexes will be exported, select "Columns..." If not select, when hitting "Export", all indexes will be exported.




By default all indexes will be listed in the Export column. Select the indexes you do not wish to export and use the "Remove" button to send the index(s) to the Do Not Export side of the panel. You can re-add indexes you do wish to export via the "Add" button. Once complete, click "Save". This will return to the Export Folder Indexes panel, where you can then click "Export" to complete the process.



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