Toshiba Panel Configuration

Maintenance Web Pages

Use the PSIcapture Routing Maintenance web pages to configure the destination buttons, to specify the PSIcapture license server, to maintain the list of licensed devices, and to maintain users and security roles.

Access the maintenance pages through Internet Explorer:

http://<your IIS web server>/PSICaptureRoutingPanelMaintForToshiba

For first-time installs, the default user is “admin”, password “admin”. After logging on, open the Users screen and change the password for the admin user ID.

Login Screen

Only users with the ADMIN security role and a password assigned to their user ID can log into the maintenance application.

Enter an administrator User ID and Password, and press OK.  When complete, press the Logout button on the top right-hand side of the menu bar.



Roles (Main Screen)

Use this screen to maintain the list of security roles for the panel. These roles are then assigned to both users and destination buttons to determine which buttons are displayed for a given user.

Press the Add button to add a new role, or press Delete to delete the selected role. When deleting, the application will prompt for confirmation.

NOTE: The “ADMIN” role is system-generated and may not be deleted.



Roles (Add Roles Screen)

This screen is displayed when the administrator presses the Add button. Add one or more roles in the memo field. If adding multiple roles, separate them with a colon (ex.: role1; role2; role3). Any leading and trailing spaces will be removed from each role.

Role names are not case sensitive, and are stored in uppercase. Therefore, the role “legalrole” and “LegalRole” are the same, and will be stored and displayed as “LEGALROLE”.



NOTE: Roles that are still in use cannot be deleted. The application will prevent the deletion and inform the administrator where the role is still in use.



Scan Destination (Main Screen)

Use the Scan Destination screen to maintain the list of buttons displayed on the panel.

Press Add to add a new destination. 

Press Edit to modify the selected destination’s settings. 

Press Delete to delete a destination. The application will prompt for confirmation.



Scan Destination (Details Screen)

This screen displays the details of a destination when adding, editing or deleting a destination.



Screen Items

Button The text displayed on the panel button.
Destination Folder The location where scanned documents are stored.
Default File Name The default file name used for each scanned document; a date/time stamp will be added to the end of each file name.
Roles Select a security role from the Available list to Add to the destination button, or select a role from the Assigned list to Remove it from the destination button. The assigned roles determine which users will see the destination button on the ScanFront 330 panel.
Transfer Method Select either POST to send files directly to a Windows directory, or FTP. 
Credentials This box is only displayed for the FTP transfer method. Enter the FTP server name and the login credentials.
OK Adds the new destination, saves the updated destination, or deletes the displayed destination.
Cancel Abandons the operation and returns to the Scan Destinations main screen.


Transfer Methods

There are two available transfer methods: POST and FTP

  • FTP transfers require an FTP server name and valid FTP credentials. 
  • POST destination folders must be specified as UNC path names and must be fully accessible. For example, if the plan is to use C:\Scans on machine SCANSERVER1 as a destination, the user must create a share for the directory and enter the UNC path (ex. \\SCANSERVER1\Scans) as the Destination folder. If C:\Scans is entered, the scanner will be unable to locate the directory and the scan jobs will fail.

Scan Devices (Main Screen)

Use this screen to maintain the list of devices that can access the panel.

Press the Add button to add new devices. This is optional, as devices will register themselves automatically the first time the panel is used.

Select a device and press the Delete key to remove the device from the list. The application will prompt for confirmation.




The PSIcapture Routing Panel is licensed per scanning device. If  a license for five devices was purchased, then only configure five devices to use it. The first time a device uses the panel its identification information is automatically stored in the configuration database and displayed on this screen. Use the screen above to remove unwanted devices from the list as they are replaced or re-purposed.

Use the screen’s Add function to pre-load the devices where the panel has been deployed. However, if more devices than your license allows are entered, the panel will not function on any device. The number of devices must be less than or equal to the license limit.

Scan Devices (Details Screen)

When adding a new device, specify the device’s Serial Number, IP address and MAC address. Press OK to save the device. 

When deleting a device, the screen displays the device information. Press OK to delete the device.

Press Cancel to abort the operation and return to the main screen.



License Server maintenance

Use this screen to specify the name of the license server. Enter the license server name or IP address and press the OK button. After changing the license server value, use the Windows IIS Manager to stop and restart the panel web application.



Users (main screen)

Use this screen to maintain the list of users who can access the panel and the maintenance application.



Press the Add button to add a new user. Select a user and press Edit to edit the selected user, or press Delete to delete the selected user. When deleting, the application will prompt for confirmation.

NOTE: The user “admin” is system-generated and may not be deleted. Once installed, the administrator will use this ID to access the maintenance app for the first time. For security reasons, the password for this ID should be changed immediately before any other configuration changes take place.

Users (details screen)

This screen displays user details when adding or editing a user.



Screen Items

User ID The user login ID. This field is only editable when adding a new user. Each user ID must match to an existing ID defined for the scanner. See the scanner’s Administrator’s Guide for more information on configuring credentials.
Password For users who will also access this maintenance application, use this text field to enter a new password for the user. For normal scan operators, leave this field blank.
Available Roles This box lists the security roles that have not been assigned to the user.
Assigned Roles This box lists the security roles already assigned to the user.
Add Pressing this button assigns the selected Available Role to the user.
Remove Pressing this button removes the selected Assigned Role from the user.
OK Pressing this button saves all changes and returns to the Users main screen.
Cancel Pressing this button abandons all changes that have been made and returns to the Users main screen.

Add the PSIcapture Routing Panel to a Toshiba Device

Access the list of EWB applications that are available for a Toshiba MFD through the device’s Administration tab in TopAccess. To access TopAccess for the MFD, open a web browser and enter the device’s IP address as the URL. 

Once TopAccess displays, log on as the administrator to display the Administration tab, then click the EWB link. Users can set the panel as the EWB Home Page or add it as a menu item. The URL for the panel will be 

http://<IIS server>/PsiCaptureRoutingPanelForToshiba/Default.aspx

See the MFD’s Administrator’s Guide for details.


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