Canon Panel User Guide

Access the PSIcapture Routing application on the Canon ScanFront 330

When powered on, the ScanFront 330 will display the login screen:


Credentials for new scanner operators can be obtained directly from the panel administer, or by touching the Register Here link. Once registered, the panel administrator must assign the proper security roles before the operator can use the panel.

Existing scanner operators can periodically update their password by touching the Change your password link. 

From time to time, the panel administrator may force users to change their passwords. 

Choose the Scan Destination

The application displays the Destinations Main Menu screen. The screen displays buttons representing the possible destinations for the document. Press the button on the screen that best describes the document.

In this example, four types of documents are configured: Accounting, Treasury, Shipping and Legal documents.



Buttons are configured locally at each customer site. Buttons can be added, removed or changed by the user's company website administration team using the instructions contained in the Configuration article.

Document File Name and Scan Settings

Pressing a destination button displays the Configure scanner settings screen. Use this screen to customize the job settings.


Scanner settings, page 1

There are two pages of scanner settings. The page displayed is controlled by the up and down arrow buttons on the top right corner of the page.

Press the button associated with the setting the user wants to change, and valid values for that setting are displayed (see sample screenshots below).



Change the setting’s value, and then press the OK button. To leave the option unchanged, press Cancel.

Press the Start button to begin scanning, or the Back to return to the Destinations Main Menu screen.

NOTE: The current Canon API does not support multi-page output files of any type. TIFF files can only be produced in black-and- white. Color and gray-scale options are currently not supported at this time.

Scanning Documents

After selecting the file name, use the Scan Documents screen to scan the documents. The screen displays the actual folder where the document will be stored. Press the Scan button to begin the scan, or the Cancel button to return to the Scan Settings screen.

After a job completes, the user can scan additional documents to the selected folder by loading more documents and pressing the Start button.

After scanning all documents, press the Logout button.


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