Canon Panel Troubleshooting

Issue Possible Corrections
Scanner fails network test

• Due to limitations of the scanner’s operating system, ensure the IIS server hosting the panel web site is on the same domain as the scanner.
• Specify the server’s IP address instead of its name.

Scanner passes network test, but is unable to connect to the panel web site

• Check the spelling of the web site URL
• Make sure that the panel web site is configured as a web application under the default web site for the IIS server

Scanner panel will not start due to licensing

• Refer to the Configuration section. Specify the license server name or IP address through the maintenance app.
• Compare the number of licensed devices to the number of registered devices on the Devices screen in the maintenance web app.

For destination buttons that POST documents, the documents scan, but no file is copied to the target folder This is due to an issue in the panel’s Web.config file. Refer to the Installation section, and verify the URL specified in the Destination setting.

Direct all questions and support requests to your PSIcapture reseller or to our support team.


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