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The Batch Information window is accessible from a variety of locations within PSIcapture. The purpose of the product area is to collect and display relevant information on the selected batch. In essence, the Batch Information area acts as a "Properties" or "Information" function found in many other programs through the file menu or cascading right-click options within the operating system. What follows is a description of each area.





  • Batch Name
    The name of the batch. Can be edited in most cases.
  • Workflow Step
    The current workflow step of the batch.
  • High Priority Batch
    If the setting is enabled, High Priority Batch can be selected, displaying a "High Priority" symbol in Batch Manager.
  • Hold Batch
    Puts the batch on hold status, displaying a "Pause" symbol in Batch Manager.
  • Modify Capture Profile Definition
    In some cases, it may be necessary to make changes to a Capture Profile Definition of a certain batch to something different from the default settings or view specific information about a batch. By clicking on Modify Capture Profile Definition button at the bottom of the Batch Information dialog box, the user can make changes without affecting any other batches of the same Capture Profile.
  • Print Batch Summary
    Displays a printable version of the batch summary:


Batch Overrides


Displays validation information and allows the user to adjust accordingly. NOTE: Only enabled when validations are set in Capture Profile - Validations and Exceptions.




Batch Note


Allows the user to create, edit, view, or select a note for the currently selected batch. To make organizing the batch notes easier date stamping is available.




Batch History


Displays the Batch History.




bin.png By clicking on the binocular icon the Batch History Item Details statistics on a selected workflow are shown.


Item Details - Capture

Item Details - OCR




Capture Profile Summary


A brief summary of the Capture Profile configuration settings presented in a tree structure.




Lookup Logs


A record of the Lookups performed for the currently selected batch.





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