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PSIcapture's Migration module is designed to move content out of PSIcapture and into third-party platforms or content management systems (CMS). This article breaks down the typical user experience when using the Migration module in PSIcapture. In general, the Migration Module will either be set to run automatically (auto-process), or certain batches may need to be re-migrated after encountering an error. In the latter case, users can simply open the batch in the Migration Workflow step from Batch Manager and click "Start Migration" once the appropriate configuration changes have been implemented by an Administrator. For Administrator assistance setting up or configuring your migration workflow step, see:

PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Migration


Migration Toolbar


  Choosing this enables the user to select the batch to process in the Migration Module. It is useful when returning to the module after suspending a batch.

Brings up the Close Batch dialog box. Prompts the user to select one of three options described below:

  • Close Batch - Closes the current batch. The user stays in the current Module, and the Select Batch dialog box comes up.
  • Close Batch and Continue in next Workflow step - Closes the current batch and the current module. The batch is immediately reopened in the next module of the workflow. 
  • Suspend Batch in [Current Workflow Step] - Suspends the batch in the current workflow step for processing at a later time.

NOTE: The behavior of the Close Batch dialog box is affected by the settings defined in the "Default action for the "Close Batch" Dialog" section of the capture profile workflow configuration. For more information, see: Capture Profile: Workflow.

  Choosing this enables the user to see the current batch information (i.e., batch overrides, batch history, log lookups, etc).
  Choosing this enables or disables auto processing of the current batch. Any auto processing configurations the user made in regards to migration while configuring the Capture Profile will be applied.
  Start Migration processing on the batch.


File Menu



Include Suspended Batches when Auto Processing

Choose whether batches suspended in the Migration workflow step can be automatically processed.

Migration Setup for Selected Batch...

Opens the Migration Setup area of the Capture Profile configuration. For more information, see:

PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Migration


Exits out from PSIcapture. NOTE: If a batch is currently open, user will be prompted to close or suspend the batch. The PSIcapture application will then end.

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