PSIcapture How-to: Creating a Batch

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The following is a basic walkthrough of the Batch creation process in PSIcapture. This guide assumes you have already created and customized a Capture Profile to suit your unique workflow needs.  


Table of Contents:

Create Batch

Initiates the creation of a new batch to capture images. The Create Batch dialog box will open allowing for Batch settings to be set on the new batch.


Create and name a new batch. Information on Batch Fields, Batch Totals, and Batch Summary are also displayed. NOTE: If the batch naming method has been set to automatic, the current date and time will be automatically populated in the Batch Name field. See the PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Capture Profile - General Setup for further detail.

Two options are available for users to set batch as High Priority or Hold.



Batch Overrides

Allows users to override expected count validation and default separation profiles for the current batch.



Expected Count Validation

The three choices are No Validation, Validate Batch Totals, and Validate by Level.

Default Separation Profiles

Displays the default separation profiles for both document and folder separation. If multiple profiles have been defined, the user can select a different default separation profile at this time. This default profile will only be used for the new batch being created.

Batch Note

Allows the user to attach a note to the batch. The note will follow the batch throughout the entire workflow and can be viewed at any time.



Batch History

Shows the history of the batch. NOTE: At this stage, the history is always blank, as the batch has yet to be created.



Capture Profile Summary

A brief summary of the Capture Profile configuration settings presented in a tree structure.



Lookup Logs

A record of the lookups performed. NOTE: At this stage, the log is always blank, as the batch has yet to be created.



Modify Document Type Definition

Selecting this brings up the Capture Profile Configuration dialog box. All aspects of the Capture Profile configuration (with exception to the Capture Profile name) can be edited for the current batch. All other batches new or existing are unaffected.

Print Batch Summary

Allows a Batch Summary to be printed for the current batch. At this stage the batch summary will contain little useful information, as the capture process has not yet begun.

Select Batch

Opens the Select Batch dialog box which will list only those batches that are in the Capture/Import workflow step. By highlighting a batch and clicking Select the selected batch will open.



Local/Shared Tabs

A Capture Profile set as Local will show its batches on the Local tab if it was created on that computer. A Capture Profile set as part of a multi-station deployment would typically be configured as Shared, and therefore its batches would be found on the Shared tab.

Import Batch

Imports a batch from an external or third party source. NOTE: This button is available only if Batch Import is enabled as the first step of the workflow.

Close Batch

Brings up the “Close Batch” dialog box. Prompts the user to select one of three options.

  • Close Batch - Closes the current batch and the Capture module. The user stays in the Capture Module.

  • Close Batch and Continue in next Workflow step - Closes the current batch and sends the batch to the next workflow step. The batch is immediately reopened in the next module of the workflow. 

  • Suspend Batch in Capture - Suspends the batch in the Capture/Import workflow step for processing at a later time. The Capture/Import Module remains open.


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