Capture Devices & Device Profiles


The Device Selection and Configure Device Profiles area of the Capture Devices and Device Profiles pane allows the user to setup which devices will be importing content to be processed in a given batch. These profiles can be configured to allow sharing between all capture profiles, and an easy import/export tool can be used to do so at the user's discretion. Explore the options below to learn more about how to utilize your device through this key Capture/Import workflow step function.




Select Capture Device

Choose from:

  • ISIS Scanning
  • TWAIN Scanning
  • Import (File)
  • Adrenaline / VRS Scanning

ISIS Scanning




Image and Scanner Interface Specification (ISIS) is an industry standard interface that PSIcapture uses. ISIS works by implementing the piping method. It runs scanners at or above it's rate of speed by linking drivers together in a pipe so that data flows from a scanner driver to compression driver, to packaging driver, to a file, viewer, or printer in a continuous stream. 

TWAIN Scanning

TWAIN is an applications programming interface (API) and communications protocol that regulates communication between software (PSIcapture) and digital imaging devices (scanner).


This selection adds the File Browser pane to the PSIcapture interface. Users may change the selection type at the top from Selection by Files to Selection by Directory. A filter is available on the bottom of the window to modify which file types are displayed in the list.

Adrenaline/VRS Scanning

The user is prompted to select a scanner. The population of this list reflects the hardware installed on the workstation.


Show Only Connected Scanners - This option removes driver selections from the list that are not currently detected devices. 


Device Profiles Setup (Scanning)

This option allows users to configure a device profile that can be imported and exported by other users. For scanners, driver settings can be configured and named for quick recall during capture operations. For the import device, folder paths can be specified for quick access to image directories. This section covers Device Profiles as they are relevant to the following central window, specifically available in the Capture/Import workflow step:




NOTE: The profile settings are independent on each Capture Profile, device, and scan station. With the Share option described below, these device profiles can be easily imported and exported from one Capture Profile to another.


For more information on Importing/Exporting 



Creates a new scan profile.



Share the new device profile across all Capture Profiles - This option allows the device profile to be easily accessed across all capture profiles. Once this option is selected, users can easily import the device profile in the Quality Assurance Step, or in the Capture/Import workflow step of a separate Capture Profile. Users can identify shared device profiles by the checkbox to the right of the profile name in the Device Profiles Setup window above.



Changes an existing scan profile, including paper size, resolution, color level, etc. These parameters are device specific.


Deletes an existing scan profile.


Duplicates an existing scan profile and prompts the user to name the new profile.


Allows the user to rename an existing scan profile.

Set Default

Designates the default scan profile the capture module loads when opened.


Exits the Device Profile Setup dialog box.


Device Profiles Setup (Import)




Creates a new import profile. Sets a default local folder, mapped drive, or network folder where images to be captured are located.


NOTE: Selecting a network folder by using the Browse button\Network\Computer\share will place the UNC path in the Default Import Directory field. It is Strongly suggested that users use UNC paths when running in a Capture Server/ Network Station environment.



Changes an existing import profile.


Deletes an existing import profile.


Duplicates an existing import profile and prompts the user to name the new profile.


Allows the user to rename an existing import profile.

Set Default

Designates the default import profile the capture module loads when opened.


Exits the Device Profile Setup dialog box.


Device Profiles Dropdown Selection


The Device Profiles dropdown menu is available once one or more device profiles have been configured and saved. This dropdown menu allows easy access to switch device profiles to unique settings based on these preconfigured profiles, and this allows for easy switching of unique configurations of the scanner drivers or import locations.


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