Batch Restructuring Script

The method for Batch Restructuring scripting is accessed through the QAAutoProcessingBatchRestructureScript class.


QAAutoProcessingBatchRestructureScript Class


SetBatchRestructureActionOnPage Method

The SetBatchRestructureActionOnPage method is called during the Batch Restructure command in QA Auto Processing. The Batch Restructure command will iterate through all the pages in a Batch allowing the script to determine the structure of the Batch. The return value of the script will determine what is done with the current page. The following actions are available to be returned:


Return Value Description
BatchRestructureActions.NoAction No action
BatchRestructureActions.AppendDocument Append page to document
BatchRestructureActions.NewDocument Create a new document
BatchRestructureActions.NewFolder Create a new folder
BatchRestructureActions.NewFolderAndDocument Create a new folder and document
BatchRestructureActions.DropPage Remove the page from the document




Direction Parameter Type Description
IN page IPage The current page




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