PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Configuration: Document Records

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PSIcapture's Document Records tab of the Capture Profile configuration window allows administrators to configure document record types for a more narrow and fine-tuned approach to indexing. Single or multiple document records can be added to a single document, or even a single page, as necessary for data extraction. Explore the functionality below to determine how best to configure Document Records for your unique business needs.




Document Records

Document Records (Record Types) enable a single PSIcapture Capture Profile to process different form types with either shared index fields, unique index fields, or a combination of both. This allows custom indexing and extraction based on the type of form, providing great flexibility and automation in forms processing.


Allow Multiple Records per Document when Indexing



Enable this option to allow a document to have more than on record. For example, this option would allow an invoice document to contain multiple line items, with each line item stored on a separate record.

Copy Records When Combining Documents

When combining documents together, this option will copy the source document’s records to the target document.

Configure Record Types

Document record types are used to filter the index fields that are visible on a record. Index fields can be defined as “shared” (visible across all record types) or as unique to a particular record type. This allows many different types of forms to be processed by the same Capture Profile. For example, a Capture Profile can be defined that handles invoices from two different companies. Each company would have a Record Type assigned to it. The invoices from both companies will have an invoice number, so the index field for invoice number would be shared across both record types. However, the invoices from both companies may also have values that are unique. By using Record Types, the user will be presented only with the index fields that are required by the currently viewed invoice.

To add Record Types, first check the Support Document Record Types option. Press the Add button to add a single record type to the list. Press the Add Multiple button to display a dialog screen where multiple record types can be entered, one per line, then press the Save button to add them to the list:




Press the Import Multiple button to import a pre-existing list of record types from a text file. Press Delete to remove a record type. To set the default record type, highlight the entry in the list and press the Set As Default button.

Record Types are available through several locations, including:

  • In the Classification Module Form Type definition dialog
  • The Record Types definition box in the indexing configuration dialog
  • In Zone Profiles configuration
  • In Match Expression dialog box for Advanced Data Extraction



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