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The following article is a breakdown of each section of the Capture/Import Workflow Step's Configuration, with a detailed explanation of each function, checkbox, and corresponding field.



The options available on the General tab of Capture settings are outlined below. 


Capture Options

  • Enabling audio notifications - Selecting this option turns on a series of audible alarms (each different) when various events occur in the capture module such as a new document, a new folder or a new batch.
  • Delete Blank Pages (Requires Blank Page Detection to be Enabled in Recognition) - Selecting this option in conjunction with the Blank Page Detection  option in Capture Profile - Recognition Engines will delete images that are blank.
    • Store Deleted Blank Pages - Selecting this option will store deleted blank pages in a subfolder labeled “Deleted Blanks” within batch folder. WARNING!!! Choosing this option will cause blank pages to be counted as a captured image for those users who have a limited count license.
  • Scale Images that Exceed the Maximum Image Size in Either Dimension - This allows users to choose the size of the image being captured. NOTE: Currently one number represents both height and width size. 

Auto Recognition Options

  • Suspend Batches in Capture After Auto Recognition - Selecting this option will cause all batches which are processed using the auto recognition Capture Profile to be suspended in Capture after auto recognition occurs.
  • Display the Create Batch Dialog for New Auto Recognition Batches - Enabling this will prompt users with the “Create Batch” dialog for each new auto recognition batch.

Batch Deadline Options

  • Populate the Batch Deadline from an Index Field when Closing the Batch - This option is useful when chaining Batches together and users want the Batch Deadline to be set to the Deadline on the initial Batch. This requires outputting the initial Batch's deadline when outputting that Batch (either thru Text migration, Batch Export, etc.) and mapping that field to an index field when bringing the data into the next Batch in the chain (either thru Data File Indexing, Batch Import, etc.).
    • Index Field Dropdown - Select which index field the user would like the deadline information to be linked to.




Import Options

  • Imported Image Resolution - There are three resolutions options to select from as stated below.. NOTE: For Fixed and Maximum Resolution it is strongly suggested this be set to either 200dpi (default) or 300dpi.
    • Minimum Resolution - Import at the specified resolution if the original image's resolution is lower then the entered value.
    • Fixed Resolution - Import at a fixed, specified resolution (via the field to the right).
    • Maximum Resolution - Import at the specified resolution if the original image's resolution is higher then the entered value.
    • Original Resolution - Import at the exact resolution of the imported source document.
  • Mark Even Numbered Pages as the Back Page - Useful when scanning paper documents in duplex mode. NOTE: it is advised that care be taken during scan time to keep the page numbers in sync with the actual paper.
  • Check for and ignore embedded thumbnails when importing images - Certain image formats contain low-resolution thumbnail images to be used as previews, and this setting can prevent these images from being erroneously imported into batches. NOTE: Only enable if having issues with embedded thumbnails being added to Batch as this check incurs a performance hit during import. Available in versions 6.1+. 

PDF Import Options

  • PDF Import Method - These options allow the image captured to be rasterized vs extracted for better image quality.
    • Enable image extraction and only use rasterization if extraction is not possible

    • Disable image extraction and always use rasterization

  • Ignore XObjects Annotation Images when Determining PDF Import Method - When this option is checked, it is more likely that the faster Image Extraction method will be used when importing PDFs. However, depending on the content of the PDF, it could result in parts of the PDF not being imported. Usually this would be when they had annotation overlays on the PDF but could also include signatures, form data, etc. NOTE: If the user chooses to select this option to speed up their import, they should test thoroughly to ensure their PDFs are being captured correctly.
  • Rasterize Color Depth - Allows user to specify PDF rasterization to color, black and white, or grayscale, or to allow Capture to determine which method is best (default). 
    NOTE: This function is available in PSIcapture v. 6.1+
    • Rasterize to color depth based on contents of PDF
    • Always rasterize to color
    • Always rasterize to grayscale
    • Always rasterize to black and white.
  • Rasterize Black and White Pages as Grayscale when Importing PDF Files - This option allows the user to avoid the lightening issue that might arise with importing black and white. NOTE: Users may not want to have this option on due to increased file size.
  • Rasterize Color Pages as Grayscale when Importing PDF FilesThis can help drive down output file sizes for PDF output in certain scenarios.

Extended File Format (EFF) Import Options

  • Enable Support for Importing Extended File Format Files - This feature allows for the import of Microsoft Office files types and converts them to image files (TiFF).
    • Extensions to Import - Enter Extended File Format file extensions, one per line (e.g. docx, xlsx). Leave blank to allow any extension. 
  • Convert Extended File Format Files to Images when Importing (supported file types only) - Instructs PSicapture to convert the files to images.
  • Store Extended File Format Files for Output Even when Conversion Occurs - This option allows the user to save the original file even if it was converted upon capture.



The options available on the Indexing tab of Capture settings are outlined below. 

  • Allow Indexing in Capture Module - Selecting this option enables the ability to enter/edit index fields in the Capture module.

  • Hide Index Fields in Capture module - When “Allow Indexing in Capture module” is unchecked, the inactive index fields can be hidden to increase the viewing area.


Indexing Options

  • Indexing Mode on When Opening Batches - Selecting this option causes the indexing mode to be active when loading a batch in the Capture module.
  • Index Field Font Size - Allows the user to select which font size the index field is displayed in. Available sizes are:
    • 8.25
    • 10
    • 12
    • 14
    • 16

Field Navigation Options

  • Allow <Enter> Key to move between fields - Selecting this option allows the user to hit the <Enter> key to move to the field below. NOTE: By default, the <Tab> key will be used to toggle between fields.
  • Select Text when an Index Field Receives Focus - Selecting this option will highlight all the text that exists in an index field when selected.

  • Skip to Next Field when Maximum Character Count is Reached - Selecting this option will skip to the next field when the maximum character count is reached. NOTE: Maximum character count can only be set on text or memo fields.

  • Include Folder Fields in Field Navigation - Selecting this option will include folder index fields in the field navigation window.

  • Go to Next Field after Selecting Item from List - Selecting this option will cause the cursor to go to the next index field once the user has selected an item from a list.

Field Validation Options

  • Enable Data Validation of Index Field in Capture Module - Enable this if lookups are being performed during capture time and the user wishes to have real time feedback on field validation.
    • Validation Should Fail if Lookups have Failed - Tag a field as failed if lookups return no value.

      • Validation Timing - Users can choose the frequency by which index validation is being checked. Available options are:
        • Validate index values after each field

        • Validate index values after each document

        • Validate index values when closing a batch

Other Options

  • Show Initial Value Entry for Sticky/Auto Increment Fields when Capture Begins - Selecting this option launches the initial value dialog box to enter starting values for sticky and auto-increment fields when selecting Start Capture.
  • Display Index Field Zones Mode on when Opening Batches - Selecting this option allows the user to display zones on the document when opening batches. 
      • Enable Zoom to Zone Mode when Opening Batches - The image preview will zoom to OCR/ICR/OMR zones when the field is selected.
  • Zoom to the Entire Parent Zone for Multi-Record and Line Item Extraction Zones - If a multi-record zone is used this option will display the entire zone rather than the sub zone for the current field.
  • Disable Index Field Tooltips - Selecting this option will suppress a floating tooltip on the image screen with the value of the index field.


Image Modification

The options available on the Image Modification tab of Capture settings are outlined below. 




See PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Watermarking

Bates Stamping

See PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Bates Stamping


See PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Imprinting

Manual Cropping Options

  • Default Crop Behavior- Select the default behavior for this module from one of the following options:

    • Replace Current Page

    • Insert as Page Before Current Page

    • Insert as Page After Current Page

    • Insert as Page at end of Current Document

    • Insert as Document Before Current Document

    • Insert Document After Current Document

    • Insert as Document at end of Current Folder

  • Show Crop Preview Dialog - Enabling this option will cause the Crop Preview Dialog to be displayed showing a before and after image.

  • Select New Item After Cropping - Enabling this option moves to the next image after crop is complete.



The options available on the Image Modification tab of Capture settings are outlined below. 



Viewer Options

  • Default Image View - Users can select which how to display the document image in the Viewer window. Available options are:
    • Page View
    • Thumbnail View
    • Both
  • Thumbnail Image Size - Users can select what size the thumbnail will be. Available options are:
    • Smallest
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Show File Size in the Thumbnail Viewer

Miscellaneous Options

  • Enable Scanner Control Sheets - Selecting this option will allow the user to process a load of a scanner profile for this Capture Profile. The format is a barcode sheet which is formatted as follows: LP-“the name of the profile”.
  • Enable PDF Bookmark Sheets - Selecting this options allows the user to control whether or not we check for PDF Bookmark Sheets

  • Auto Save Pages After Manually Rotating - Enabling this option will illuminate the need for user to hit “Save Rotation” after each manually rotated page.
  • Warn User When Closing Batches that Contains Items Flagged for Deletion or Rejection - Selecting this option will cause a dialog box to appear when a user attempts to close a batch containing items flagged for Deletion or Rejection.
  • Delete Empty Batch Items (Folders, Documents) when Closing Batch - Enable this option to automatically delete all empty folders and documents when closing a batch.
  • Capture Image Display
    • Display All Images
    • Do Not Display Images
    • Display Every N Images
      • Nth Image - When "Display every N images" is chosen, set the interval of pages to skip ahead. This option may help increase performance for older computers with limited graphic display capabilities during capture.
  • Disable Confirmation Prompt when Deleting Folders, Documents and Pages - Allows the user to skip the confirmation prompts every time a folder, document, or page is deleted. 
  • Automatically Name Manually Separated Folders Using Current Date and Time - Allows the user to name separated folders configured in Capture Profile - Separation by current date and time.

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