Workflow: Retrieval Workflow Step Configuration

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This article is intended for PSIcapture Administrators.



The Retrieval Workflow is available to create a repository for later use. The user can choose a repository previously configured or create a new one by clicking the New button. For more information on using the Retrieval module as a PSIcapture User, see:


PSIcapture User Guide: Retrieval


When first adding a Retrieval workflow step, the Administrator is tasked with selecting the Repository for use. If no repositories exist, a new repository must be created via the "New" button:



Repository Information

This is where users configure a new repository.



Name – Enter a name for the repository.

Repository Type – Choose what type of repository this will be.

  • Local – This means the repository is local and only available to the current workstation.
  • Shared – This means the repository is shared amongst the workstations on the network.

Annotation Storage Type - Users can choose between the following storage types:

  • Save Annotations in TIFF – This saves all annotations in a TIFF file at the location specified in the Directory text box.
  • Save Annotations in Separate File – This saves all annotations in a separate file at the location specified in the Directory text box.

Shared Search Repository – Checking this box makes the repository searchable to all Retrieval module users.

Directory – Choose the location of the directory by clicking on the Browse button.


Once the Repository is configured, there are no additional configuration elements that need to be adjusted. To quickly and easily manage your Repositories or Shared Databases, Administrators can use the "Retrieval" tab in the PSIcapture configuration root. For more information on this product area, see:


PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Configuration: Retrieval Tab

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