Advanced Indexing: PDF Fields


PSIcapture can use Adobe PDF Form Fields to import specific index data and incorporate it into your workflow. Below is a breakdown of how to use Adobe PDF Form Fields in a variety of workflow configurations.


PDF Document Properties



When looking at the document properties tab of a PDF file in Acrobat Professional that contains Custom Properties the user may notice field names and index values as below. If this is true and the user wishes to import this type of PDF and extract the Custom Property data and place it into the programs index fields for later use in a Document Management system or other purpose this feature can be quite useful.


PDF Field Mapping From PDF Fields when Importing PDFs

Enable indexing from PDF Fields when importing PDFs


Selecting add once for each field definition the user wants to import.

PDF Field Type

The column allows the user two choices Standard PDF Field or Custom PDF Field.

PDF Field Name

If the user chooses Standard PDF Field the choices in the drop down box will be the 4 standard fields all Adobe Acrobat Readers: Title, Author, Subject and Keywords

Standard Fields:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Keywords


If the user chooses Custom PDF Field the choices in the drop down box are dependent on what has been added using the Manage Custom Field List option.


Manage Custom Field List

Selecting the Manage Custom Field List displays the following dialog box

Selecting Load will give the user a browse window to select a PDF file that contains the custom fields the user wishes to import. Once a file is chosen the fields are read and added to the Manage PDF Custom Field List and then available in the PDF Field Name drop down list when the PDF Field Type is Custom PDF Field.


Once added to the list it will look simular to this. Selecting Delete will remove the highlighted value.  Selecting Clear will remove all values.  


Manage Form Field List

Users may use the load button to select a PDF file that contains a list of form fields they would like to load into PSIcapture.


Index Field Name

After selecting PDF Field Type and PDF Field Name select the Index Field Name from the drop down list producing something like the following.



Selecting remove will remove the highlighted row.




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