Advanced Indexing: Image Tags



Image tag metadata can be used in a variety of ways within PSIcapture. Explore the configuration options below to determine how best to setup your image tag data extraction.



Index from Image Tags when Importing Image Files

Some standard image tags can be used to populate index fields.

Example: In the image above we've selected Tiff - All Tags as the type, Document Name as the image tag and selected that tag to fill the Document Name index field.

Array value separator character

Located at the bottom of the screen users can choose to separate the array value by:

  • . (period)
  • | (pipe)
  • : (colon)
  • <TAB>
  • <SPACE>


A sample file can be loaded to display the image tags available for the image file.



Image Tag Type

The following are supported tags:

  • Tiff – All Tags
  • Tiff – Custom Tag ID
  • Exif – Standard Tags
  • Exif – GPS Tags
  • Exif – Canon Tags
  • Exif – Casio Tags
  • Exif – Fuji Tags
  • Exif – Nikon Type 1 Tags
  • Exif – Nikon Type 3 Tags
  • Exif – Olympus Tags
  • Exif – Ricoh Tags
  • Exif – Sanyo Tags
  • Exif – Custom Tag ID
  • JPEG Marker - Ricoh RMETA Fields
  • IPTC Envelope Record Tags
  • IPTC Application Record Tags
  • IPTC News Photo Tags
  • IPTC Pre Object Data Tags
  • IPTC Object Data Tags
  • IPTC Post Object Data Tags



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