Advanced Indexing: Data Files



If a user is provided a number of image files with an accompanying text file that contains index information about those files and wishes to import them into the program this options allows them to do that. To configure this option check the "Index from data files of a specific type" checkbox.



Users can import text file data via the default list of text file type extensions below. NOTE: There is an option to add more file type extensions by clicking the ellipse button "..." and entering them into the window. However, we currently support the default list as is.

  • TXT
  • CSV
  • DAT
  • INI
  • IDX

Merge image files into same Document if the index values match - If this option is selected importing files using this method any files containing the exact same index values will be merged.

Text File Settings

  • Format - Select either Delimited or Fixed Width.
  • Delimiter - Select one of the following
    • Comma{,}
    • Pipe{|}
    • Colon{:}
    • Semicolon{;}
    • Tilde{~}
    • <TAB>
    • <SPACE>
  • Text Qualifier - Select the character that denotes text values in the expected string. Common values are “ or ‘
  • Header rows to skip - Select the number of rows in the data file that contain header rows. If there are none, leave the field blank.
  • Treat entire file contents as one row - Depending on how the text file is formatted, the may be necessary. NOTE: Only available when the "Delimited" format is selected.
  • Create a new batch for each file (Auto Import Only) - Creates a new batch for each indexing data file.
  • Treat the entire file contents as a single value - Checking this box means instead of looking for specific values PSIcapture will make one value out of the whole file. NOTE: Only available when the "Fixed Length" format is selected.

Column Field Mappings

Column Fields can be added, removed, or moved up/down in the order using the buttons on the right side of this area. Below is an explanation of the column field information shown.

  • Column - The column number in the data file as seen on the Preview tab

  • Index Field Name - This is a dropdown list of available index fields for this Capture Profile.

  • Truncate WhiteSpace - Selecting this option will cause all spaces at the end of the barcode to be removed once the value is placed in an index field.

Document Path Position

These following options allow the user to have the document path as a column and in what position to put it in. 

  • Match File Name - Choose to import image files with the exact same file name as the data file (sans file extension), or just the same beginning.
  • Last Column - Do not create a column for the document path position.
  • Custom Column - Choose the column that contains the path to the document.


To preview a data file's information either enter the path to the text file or browse for the file within the station's file/folder. Once the user selects the format, delimiter and text file this section displays the results. The user should verify that on the Text File Settings tab that the expected column corresponds to the desired Index Field Name.




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