Recognition: Blank Pages


Enable Blank Page Detection

Select this option if the user desires to detect the existence of blank pages. Once Blank Page Detection is enabled, the program will attempt to determine whether the page is blank as images are captured. NOTE: If the scanner supports blank page detection at the hardware level it may provide a slight performance advantage to perform this function at that level. This option ONLY enables blank page detection. If the user wishes to delete blank pages as they are captured those options which are enabled by default are located in the Capture and Quality Assurance Workflow settings in Capture Profile Configuration.

The program has three methods to try to determine if a page is blank; all can be used interchangeably, either separately or together. If all are selected, a page will be determined to be blank if any of the three methods determines that the page is blank.


Blank Page Detection Settings

NOTE: When enabling Blank Page Detection to remove blank pages from the documents, the user can choose to store the deleted Blank Pages in a separate folder for later review. This option is set in Capture Workflow settings of the Capture Profile Configuration.

Use Blank Page Detection Algorithm (slower)

Using this method the program uses an advanced blank page detection algorithm to determine whether a page is blank depending on the content of the page such as type written text versus random pixels. This method is the slower of the three but may only be noticeably slower on scanners running in excess of 140 pages per minute. 

The "how blank" options are:

  • Pristine White - Blank pages containing no noise.
  • Dirty White - Blank pages containing some noise.
  • Very Dirty White - Blank pages containing a lot of noise.
  • One Line OkayBlank pages containing a single line of data such as "This page intentionally left blank." 
  • Two Lines OkayBlank pages containing two lines of data. 


Use File Size Thresholds

Using this method the program checks the size of what the file will be on disk and if it is less than the size specified the page is considered blank. The threshold can be set individually for both front and back of pages. This method may require some trial and error when setting the Capture Profile because a number of factors can have an effect on the size of a page. Such factors may include the capture resolution (dpi), the compression method for saved documents, and whether capturing in black and white, grayscale, or color.

NOTE: File size thresholds apply to both front and back page detection. However, if import or auto import are used, only a front side page can be detected.


Use Black Area Ratio

The Black Area ratio is the ratio of (Black Pixels/All Pixels), so basically a percentage of black pixels. If its lower then the entered amount, its considered blank. The default amount is 0.5%.


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