Recognition: Marks (OMR)



The recognition engine used for Optical Mark Recognition is configured here.



Mark Determination Options


Mark Threshold

This feature checks that the marked weight of a zone box is greater than the base weight by at least the defined amount. Move the slider to set a number between 0 – 1000.

This setting is used to counteract the effect of noise and stray marks on the scoring process. If a user does not mark any box in a zone, without a mark threshold set, the box with the most random noise will be reported as marked. If the mark threshold is set high enough that the weight from noise on the page doesn’t cross the threshold, zones that have no actual mark will be reported as blank.


Difference Threshold

This feature ensures that the reported marked weight of a zone box differs from the other boxes in the same zone by a defined minimum amount. Move the slider to set a number between 0 – 1000.

This works to improve accuracy when multiple boxes in a zone have marks present. Example: If the marks are being made with a felt tip marker and the user drags the marker across all boxes in a zone, without this setting the engine would report a mark in the box that reports the darkest mark, which very likely is a small variation from the marks in the other boxes, and may not be easily identifiable to the eye.


Ignore Base Weight values when evaluating marks

Selecting this option causes the base weight of the zone to be set to “0” and ignore the template image loaded into the Capture Profile configuration. This setting is recommended for use when drawing zones on a color image, however the scanned production documents will have the color dropped out.


Enhance Marks

This option darkens the marks in defined zones to improve read accuracy when capturing documents with low variance between marked and unmarked areas.


Other Options

Store image used for mark recognition as alternate page file

Stores a copy of the image used for OMR zone definition as the alternate page.

Run mark recognition against an alternate page file

If an alternate page is present, it is used as a baseline to compare the actual image against.


Alternate Page File Tag

Assign a tag to the OMR image file being saved as an alternate page file.


Mark Tags

Assign Tags to Marks

When enabled, users may use the following options:

  • By Weight
  • By Net Weight
  • By Adjusted Net Weight
  • By Scaled Weight.

Different tags can be assigned depending on conditions defined by the user as exampled below.




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