Auto Import: Network Resources

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The PSIcapture Auto Import: Network Resources product area controls the locations which the Auto Import Processor watches for files that meet your configuration criteria. When files are found, they are moved into the specified batch storage locations and queued up as a batch. If Workflow Auto Processing is enabled, the batch can also be automatically processed after being queued by the Auto Import Processor. The following is a brief explanation of Network Resources. For more information on how to configure Auto Import Monitored Locations, see:


PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Capture Profile: Auto Import: Monitored Locations


Network Resources




PSIcapture Administrators can add one or more directory paths or UNC paths to monitor for each Capture Profile. Ensure that the username and password credentials for folders that have limited access are added as needed. Note that credentials used for network resources will override impersonation settings under Configuration: Automation.


NOTE: It is recommended that UNC paths be used where possible. If more than one station in "Stand Alone" mode or if two different Capture Servers attempt to monitor the same directory, local paths will not be accessible to network workstations. Using UNC paths by default will help avoid this issue.

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