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This article is intended for PSIcapture Administrators.




The advanced section of the Capture Profile configuration area is designed to allow Administrators to adjust a variety of options that affect the batch setup and general processing of specific product features. Explore the article below to determine how each checkbox and configuration option best suits your business needs.



Capture Profile - Advanced Setup



Batch Deadline Tracking



Enabling deadline tracking allows the administrator to keep track of projects. Batch deadlines are calculated based on the batch creation time. Also, batch deadline tracking must be enable in the Batch Manager configuration settings. Administrators need to select the deadline time in which batches for the capture profile should be processed. Notifications are also available in order to give the administrator updates on the progress towards the deadline. In the case the deadline needs to be overridden, the checkbox should be checked.


For more information or to enable this feature, see:

PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Configuration: Batch Manager


PDF Options



When importing PDFs, use copy of source file as OCR document

Enabling this option copies the source PDF’s to the specified OCR directory and creates pointers in the batch database so that it appears that the PDF conversion feature of OCR has already been run on the Document.


Generate new PDFs from the source file using the defined Separation Profiles 

Users can generate matching sub-documents directly from source PDFs. When a batch is closed after the Capture/Import workflow step, each page of each resulting document in the batch is examined to determine its source PDF file. The page is extracted directly from the source file, and a new, matching PDF is built that becomes the document’s OCR file.

There are a few restrictions:

  • Like the original option, users cannot add hidden text to the new PDF.
  • Any pages that result from non-PDF sources (tiff, jpeg, etc.) will be excluded.
  • The new PDFs are generated after the Capture / Import step is closed. Therefore, batch restructuring operations outside of the Capture / Import workflow step will not be applied.

There will still be some file inflation using this method. However, the resulting files will be significantly smaller than those generated by the normal OCR workflow step.


When importing PDFs, extract the page text and store it as an alternate page file

This option extracts ALL text from PDFs including hidden text. PSIcapture takes the text and stores it in an alternative file located in the batch storage folder->batch folder->Alternate Pages folder.


Enable retention of existing bookmarks

This allows users to be able retain bookmarks already existing in PDFs when imported into a batch. These bookmarks are marked during Capture and Index. They are displayed in the Tree View of the Quality Assurance module.

Additional Batch Options



Set High Priority flag on new Batches

This enables the user to set new batches as high priority for processing purposes.


Allow Batch overrides when creating Batch

This option is selected by default and allows certain Capture Profile settings to be overridden when creating a new Batch in the Capture module. The overrides include: 1) Modifying Expected Count Validation and 2) Changing pages per document for fixed length separation.


Copy Index values when splitting Documents/Folders

When splitting Documents or Folders, select this options if the user would like the values which have been collected to be copied to the new object's index fields.


Enable Zone Definition Profile trigger alerts on Document

This setting will be auto-selected when saving the Index Module settings with the "Validation should fail..." option enabled. 

NOTE: When enabled, Alerts will be set Document that don't trigger a Zone Definition Profile.


Backup deleted Folders, Documents and Pages to Batch Recycle Bin directory

This option is selected by default and causes items deleted to be placed in the Recycle Bin directory of that Batches storage location. The contents of the Recycle Bin for the current Batch can be viewed by clicking the Recycle Bin icon on the QA toolbar in the Capture and Quality Assurance modules. They are stored as in the example below: the batch is “ASC 4 8-26- 08”, then within the Recycle Bin directory by folder “20080826.12055041”, by document “00000061” and finally by page “00001.tif”



Example of Recycle Bin within an existing batch folder.

NOTE: Recycle Bin folder will only exist if an image has been deleted or otherwise placed in the Recycle Bin for that batch


Suppress Create Batch Dialog when starting capture in the Capture Module

This option allows the user to suppress the Create Batch dialog when beginning an Import/Scan in Capture module. To enable, check the box "Suppress Create Batch dialog when starting image capture in the Capture module."

This won't be possible in the following cases:

1. If your Batch Naming is set to Manual, you'll need to input a name for each batch, each time you enter the Capture module and begin a new capture.
2. If your Capture Profile contains Batch Index Fields that need to be populated, this option cannot be enabled as those fields need to be input as a part of the batch creation process.


Predefined Note Filtering



Filter the predefined notes by collection

This setting will allow users to filter notes previously defined in the Global List -> Notes configuration. Any groups created will be displayed in a list and available for selection. To select a group(s), click on the Configure Note Filtering button.


Batch Summary Options



Show the batch summary when closing batches

This setting will allow users to view the batch summary when closing a batch in any module.

Auto-print the batch summary when closing batches from the Capture module

If a batch is closed from the Capture module the program is triggered to print the batch summary to the default printer.



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