PSIcapture Installation Guide: Configuring the Service Manager

Locating Service Manager

  1. Click on the Start Menu and type Service Manager. Click the icon to open the application.

    1. If the station is running Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008 click on the Start Button → All Programs → PSIGEN and select Service Manager.
  2. The Service Manager Window will open providing three modes for this PSIcapture station.

Opening Service Manager From PSIcapture

Service Manager can also be accessed from within PSIcapture by going to the Utilities tab and selecting the Service Manager button from the toolbar.

Service manager Options

Stand-alone Station Mode

Stand-alone stations are, as the name implies, unable to connect to outside systems running PSIcapture for configuration or batch information. The security module is also disabled in this mode.  

Network Station Mode

Network stations connect to the Capture server for their configuration, batch management, logging, and security. When configuring a Network station, the associated radial button must be selected, and the Name or IP Address of the Capture server must be entered into the dialog box at the bottom of the window.  

Capture Server Mode

This mode allows this server to share the configuration settings with other PSIcapture machines across the network. Batch management is brokered via this server allowing for balancing jobs across multiple stations. Logging is centralized to this server for diagnostics, and security is centrally managed.

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