PSIcapture Mailroom User Guide: Indexing


PSIcapture Mailroom's Indexing interface allows users to make on-the-fly index value corrections, changes, and more, as well as allowing advanced functionality such as dropdown selections, lookups, and more.


The index list contains the available document profiles along with available index fields for the selected document profile. These index fields are configured either in PSIcapture, and then imported to PSIcapture Mailroom, or manually configured in PSIcapture Mailroom's configuration area. For more information on configuring Index fields in PSIcapture Mailroom profiles, see the PSIcapture Mailroom Administrator Guide: Document Profiles.


Save and Clear

The save button will run validation and push the document out of PSIcapture Mailroom to the completed folder for processing back into PSIcapture. The clear button will reset the data within the index fields. NOTE: Certain fields cannot be cleared. For example if the field is hidden, read only, or protected the information will remain even if clear is selected.




Indexing a Document

  1. Choose a document to index from the queue list on the left of the user queue. The selected document will be highlighted in orange.


  2. Make any necessary page rotations needed in the viewer panel in the middle of the user queue. Save the edits by clicking the save button.
  3. Fill in the index fields with the correct information relating to that document (i.e. invoice number, date, etc.). Users can also clear any indexing that was done while using PSIcapture by clicking the clear button at the bottom of the index pane.
  4. Fill in any multiple records for the page. Multiple record instructions are outlined below.
  5. Once all index field and multiple records have been input, click the save button to process the document to the Completed folder.


Adding Multiple Records

When a user has multiple records to add to a document such as in the case of invoices, the toolbar shown below will be available in the indexing pane. All users need to do is fill in the index fields and click the plus sign icon. Adding a record will refresh the pane with blank index fields for the next record. NOTE: In some cases a user may not be able to edit certain index fields. If this is the case it is due to the field having the read only or skip option configured.



The follow options are available for each record. They are listed below from left to right.

  • First Record - Takes the user to the first entered record.
  • Previous Record - Takes the user the the previous record.
  • Record Dropdown - Takes the user to a specific record.
  • Next Record - Takes the user to the next record.
  • Last Record - Takes the user to the last record.
  • Add Record - Adds a new record.
  • Delete Record - Deletes the current record.
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