[Legacy] PSIsafe e-Sign


NOTE: PSIsafe e-Sign was replaced by PSIsafe DocuSign in version 12.1. PSIsafe e-Sign modules will be deprecated at the end of the support cycle.

For more information on PSIsafe DocuSign, see:

PSIsafe DocuSign User Guide



PSIsafe e-Sign was a legacy PSIGEN offering that simplifies the process of securely collecting electronic signatures. e-Sign integrates with the Vasco e-SignLive service. Documents are sent directly from PSIsafe to the e-SignLive service. Once signed, documents are automatically filed back to PSIsafe and can be sent to an optional workflow. PSIsafe e-Sign was compatible with the PSIsafe 10 and 11 generations.




  • e-Sign subscription
  • PSIsafe Client
  • .Net Framework 4.5.1 for the client workstation
  • Aspose PDF engine selected (Management)

Premises installations

  • e-Sign subscription
  • PSIsafe Version or higher
  • PSIsafe Server Version or higher
  • PSIsafe Open API Version or higher
  • .Net Framework 4.5.1 for the client workstation and Server
  • Aspose PDF engine selected (Management)


For more information, see:

[Legacy] PSIsafe eSign: Document Preparation

[Legacy] PSIsafe eSIGN: Operation and Management


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