PSIsafe Retriever Installation

PSIsafe Retriever is installed automatically with PSIsafe Client. See the PSIsafe Client Installation Guide.

Retriever is client specific and will have to be installed on each machine that will use it.

  • Make sure access is also available to the PSIsafe repository.
  • Install the program with the default settings provided.
  • Alternative settings should only be used when directed by PSIGEN technical support staff.

Things to know before configuring PSIsafe Retriever

  1.  Application Information (Things your IT person should know)
    1. Which application/data are you connecting with?
    2. Is there a PSIsafe setup that matches this data?
    3. If not, PSIsafe Synchronizer may be used to transfer the application’s database data to the
      corresponding folder indexes.

  2.  Location of PSIsafe data 
    1. Which repository/cabinet will be mapped?
    2. Which folder index value in the cabinet contains the same data used by the business
      application? Name, account number etc.
    3. Does the user have access rights to the cabinet in PSIsafe?


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