Connecting PSIsafe Books to Intuit QuickBooks®

Before being able to use PSIsafe Books (Books), you must configure the company setup. To do this, use the Company Setup menu and select the Add/Modify QB Company Setup option. A a screen similar to Figure 1 will be displayed. The following steps detail how to connect PSIsafe to QuickBooks via Books.

  1. Enter the setup name you will use for this configuration or select an existing company configuration from the drop down list.
  2. Select the cabinets created for PSIsafe and select the appropriate information for vendors and customers.
    1. The "Use Company Name" option will use the company name field from QuickBooks to fill the name field in the folder indexes.
  3. Select the QuickBooks file to connect to PSIsafe.
    1. This filename must use the exact same path as the one used to open the file in QuickBooks.
    2. If the file path and file name are incorrect Books will fail on opening with a message stating that QuickBooks is open from a different application.
  4. Once the setup information has been entered either select the Add or Update buttons at the top right to save the setup and then click the Done button at the bottom right to exit setup.
    1. Clicking the Done button before clicking Add or Update button will result in all configuration changes being lost.

Figure 1

QuickBooks Security Configuration

Intuit QuickBooks® will likely require adjusting application integration settings to allow Books to connect to QuickBooks. Once a successful connection has been made, an automated dialogue should appear the first time you attempt to access QuickBooks. Figure 2 details how to access these settings from within the QuickBooks application after initial configuration has been set.

  1. From file menu, Select Edit > Preferences.
  2. From Preferences dialogue, select Integrated Applications > Company Preferences tab.
  3. Note that PSIsafe Books should appear. To edit, click the Properties button.
  4. From the Properties - PSIsafe Books dialogue, note that several checkboxes are selected.
    1. "Allow this application to read and modify this company file" allows Books to perform lookups and enter information into QuickBooks on your behalf.
    2. "Allow this application to login automatically" allows Books to access QuickBooks without having the application open.


Figure 2

Optional Company Setup Features

From file menu, select Company Setup (Figure 3):

  • Use PO’s – If this option is selected (signified by a checkmark in the left column), then when a bill is entered, the Pick PO’s button on the Enter Bill Details screen is enabled and the user will be allowed to associate the bill with a PO.
  • Save Documents in PDF Format – If this option is selected (signified by a checkmark in the left column), when a TIF file or scanned image is saved, it will be converted to the PDF format before placing the document in PSIsafe.
  • Display Transaction Messages - If this option is selected (signified by a checkmark in the left column), when a transaction is entered from the entry panel a message box will be displayed informing the user the transaction has been filed in QuickBooks and the document has been added to PSIsafe. Unchecking this option results in those messages being suppressed.
  • Maintenance – This option is used by support to reset various temporary tables in the Books database. These options will not hurt anything if the user selects something, but the result may not be obvious to the user.

Figure 3


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