PSIsafe Books Administrator Guide: Setup & Configure Workflow

PSIsafe Books (Books) comes with a built-in workflow engine which allows documents to be routed along a series of steps for either approval or informational purposes. These workflow steps can be followed before data is entered into QuickBooks and after the document is filed in PSIsafe (Figure 14).

  • Once the document enters workflow, the PSIsafe workflow interface must be used to move the documents along the correct path. Once the document has been approved and has completed workflow, the data can then be filed in QuickBooks.
  • Alternately, workflow may be configured to file the data in QuickBooks before the document is placed in PSIsafe workflow, depending how the workflow needs to be configured.

Figure 14


Enabling and Disabling Books Workflow

Books Workflow may be enabled or disabled via the Workflow menu (Figure 14, above). Rule(s)-based and Manual workflow are mutually exclusive, as workflow only works in one mode or the other at a time.

  • Turn off Workflow turns off both manual and rule(s) based workflow
  • Turn on Rule(s) based Workflow turns on rules based workflow and turns off manual workflow. Turning this option on causes all transactions to be evaluated against the specified rules. If the rule matches then the document is placed into the workflow.
  • Turn on Manual Workflow enables the Route To option on the transaction entry panel. The default is a blank entry, but the user may specify sending this to a PSIsafe user or to a PSIsafe workflow rule. Manual workflow entries are not tracked in Books and the data is entered into QuickBooks immediately.
  • Save QB Data before Workflow is used to determine when the data is sent to QuickBooks. This option is only enabled when Rule(s) based Workflow is enabled. If this option is enabled, the transaction data is sent to QuickBooks before the document is placed in workflow. If this option is disabled the transaction data is sent to QuickBooks only after the document has been approved in PSIsafe.

Viewing Rules-based Workflow Status

As documents are routed through workflow, they may be viewed from Books by selecting View Workflow Status from the Workflow menu (Figure 15):

  • Items still in workflow are in the top pane of the windows.
  • Items which have been through workflow and have been approved are in the middle pane.
  • Items which have been through workflow and rejected are in the bottom pane.

The update button updates the status of the workflow items. The Delete button will remove items from the Books workflow (but not PSIsafe workflow). The Archive button clears the bottom two panes and moves the details to an archive table in the database.


Figure 15


Configuring a Books Workflow Rule

Workflow rules are setup by selecting the Add/Modify Workflow rules option in the Workflow menu (Figure 14, above). Selecting this option will display the Setup Workflow Rules  panel (Figure 16, below). This shows a list of the current workflow rules and gives you the option of deleting a rule, adding a new rule, or editing a current rule. The rule displayed is used to route all bills greater than $1,000 to user Andrew.


Figure 16


The first step in adding a Books workflow rule is to select the basis for adding the rule. When the add/edit button is selected a screen will be displayed asking for the rule basis. There are 12 Rule Basis options available to select from. Selecting the radio button beside each Rule Basis will provide additional detail on each. Only a single basis may be selected for generating a rule. Rule Basis may not be combined into complex rules for workflow purposes. In this scenario, a rule based on the Bill Transaction amount for invoices between $1,000 and $5,000 and route them to a PSIsafe User

Select Rule Basis: In the first step we select the basis as Bill Transaction Amount. If you use multiple QuickBooks files and wish to apply this rule to all of them, please check the Apply to all companies checkbox (Figure 17).


Figure 17


Select Transaction Comparison and Amount: In the second step, the limits of the transaction are added (Figure 18).


Figure 18


Select Workflow Method: In the third step, the routing destination in PSIsafe is selected. This could be a PSIsafe Group, Rule or User (Figure 19).


Figure 19


Save the Rule: After entering the rule details, give the rule a descriptive name (Figure 20).


Figure 20


Your workflow rule has been successfully configured.


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