[Legacy] [PSIsafe 10] PSIsafe Management Administrator Guide: System Options Part 2

Background: PSIsafe supports fast preview of TIFF and PDF documents. Some Online customers may prefer having this option enabled. Fast preview downloads one page at a time. This speeds up the preview process considerably, especially if they only need to see the first page of a document. It’s not always a good option setting for all customers. Only those that predominately use TIFF or PDF documents will benefit. All other document types will still need to be downloaded in their entirety to be previewed.

  •  For CLOUD users, this option can be enabled on a per customer basis.

    1. Login to Cabinet Management as “Administrator” for the specified account
    2. Go to System>Settings>Options>General

3. Hold down CTRL+ALT Keys and DOUBLE CLICK “Use Server MSDTC Settings”
4. “Hosted System?” and “Allow Preview” will be visible (For Cabinet CLOUD install Hosted System? Always has to be CHECKED)

5. Set “Allow Preview” value to CHECKED

6. Click Save


“Allow Preview” value is used by the program only if “Hosted System?” is CHECKED
“Hosted System?” value has to be CHECKED for Cabinet CLOUD Server
“Hosted System?” value is for all the databases in a installed Cabinet Server
The end users using the client may have to go to Options and set the following:
        1. Set “Enable Preview” to CHECKED under General tab


        2. UNCHECK “Use Regular Preview for TIF, JPG and PDF” under Document-General tab



Setting the BATCH server global path works in conjunction with enabling the “Synchronize images with server” option in BATCH. When BATCH synchronizes images to the server, it will use the path assigned in Management. Note: This path is also used by WorkFlow Distribution.
To set the Path, perform the following:

        1. Click Settings
        2. Select the Options tab
        3. Select the Paths tab
        4. Enter the path.
        5. Click save


Cabinet AP capabilities are enabled by entering a Cabinet URI. This address points to where the AP Rest Service is located and when entered, will enable Cabinet AP capabilities in the PSIsafe Client.

System Settings> Options> Paths


The Filer is frequently used to save emails dragged from the Outlook email program. The Document title below is used to construct the document title displayed in Filer when the message is sent from Outlook.


To display the file size of every document stored in PSIsafe use the Tools tab. This is useful for sorting documents and understanding perhaps why a document may take a few moments to load up. (For those customers who have upgraded to PSIsafe from Version 6.0 or lower, the file size will initially be displayed as 0KB) This screen contains a procedure for going through all of the cabinets and calculating and storing the file sizes for each document in the cabinet. Simply select the cabinet(s) to be updated from the list to the left and click the Go button. The progress bars will display the status of the ongoing operation. This may take a considerable amount of time for cabinets with large quantities of documents. Until this operation is complete, the file size in the cabinets will not be accurate.

A list of 0KB documents will be presented to the user. These are files which have no data stored in them. There can be several reasons for this. Perhaps the file has been corrupted on the hard drive and needs to be restored from backup. Prior versions of PSIsafe allowed for the storage of 0KB files, so it may just be a leftover from prior versions. Each of these 0KB file should be evaluated.



Data Masks are built in Settings>Options>Masks. Additional mask may be added, go to Google, enter Regular Expressions and search for the mask to be added. Click on the Add button. A user may add regular expressions, however, cannot delete.

Regular Expression Mask Details – copy and paste. Click on Save, required fields are Name, Sample, and Regular Expression.


There are no restrictions to using data masks in segments that create document titles. Data Masks are used in folder indexes and document titles. A standard set of data masks are made available. These Masks can be modified or a new custom Mask created to suit your needs.

Note: Masks can be added or modified only by the system administrator and can be accessed from the System>Settings section in the Management Console.

Date added using the data mask above – click on the ellipse box and the select items box will open with the available formats. May use any of the samples available in the segment box.

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