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The PSIsafe Workflow Pane offers a variety of functions surrounding the Workflow of bundled documents. For example, if a bundle of onboarding documents suddenly needs an additional document, or needs to have an erroneous one removed so a fixed version can be replaced, then adding and removing documents from bundles sent to users via Workflow Routing is a useful function. Expand the sections below to learn more:


Add or Remove a Document from a Bundle


Add or Remove a Document from a Bundle

Routing documents as a bundle is an ideal way to group documents in a single workflow for action. Sometimes an item in the bundle needs to be added or removed as part of the business process.

Add Document:

Click on bundled Workflow item> Select a document in the bundle that is in the same folder the new document is located > Right-Click the selection > click on “Add New Document(s) to Bundle”. This will open the folder.




Documents will be added to the existing bundle. Added documents must be located in the same folder as an existing document in the bundle.

Remove Document:

Click on bundled Workflow item> Select document(s) to be deleted> right click the selection> click on “Remove Document(s) From Bundle”



Select document(s) to be added to the bundle> Click OK.




When a document is added to the bundle, a trace entry is also created:



Set Retention\Security to Documents in Bundle


Set Retention\Security to Documents in Bundle

In some cases, a user needs to edit documents in a Workflow bundle before they have a final Retention
or Security level set. The ‘Set Retention\Security’ feature allows the user to apply Retention or Security
settings to individual documents within the bundle or the entire bundle in a single process.

Operation: In Workflow, select bundle items where Retention or Security needs to be set. Right click any
of the selected documents and click ‘Set Retention\Security’.




Use the Security and Retention pull downs to select the desired setting. Click the Set Security and/or Set
Retention to apply settings. Settings can be applied to multiple documents by using the Shift or Ctrl keys
to select multiple items.





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