PSIsafe User Guide: Custom Columns

Custom Columns

Five additional folder index columns can be displayed. These columns are available for user customization on a per cabinet basis. It's important to note that Custom Columns are saved for each Cabinet independently, i.e. the columns from one cabinet do not automatically carry over to another.


Custom columns can display information from any assigned folder indexes for each cabinet. This capability is very useful in situations where you need something other than the Unique, Default or Reference headers. Custom columns can be viewed in Schedule, Workflow, Filer and the Folder listing panels. Since Schedule and Workflow can potentially display index information from different cabinets, each using different index descriptions, the user is allowed to create custom labels that will be used for Schedule and Workflow column headers.


Custom columns automatically appear in the column chooser listing. As in previous versions of PSIsafe, the column chooser is activated by right clicking in the column bar in workflow and the dashboard.:




Column chooser is also available in Folder listings:




Labels and Index settings are set in the client by going to Options >Client > Custom Columns. Options is located on the tool bar when PSIsafe is open. 






Select Add or Edit and the Select Items Box will open, select Repository, and Cabinet – Click on OK.

  1. When OK is selected the Custom Column will open in Select items:
  2. Select index for the Custom Columns Edit Box by clicking on the ellipses to the right of the field:


  3. Pick an index to assign to your Label, then click on OK:


  4. Custom Columns are filtered by folder indexes, and may use as many of the 5 labels are you choose. After setup is complete, note to restart client to take effect. All cabinets must be closed for index settings.

Note: These labels are the column headers that will be used in Schedule and Workflow listings. They are accessible from the column chooser. When these columns are viewed in the Folder and Filer screens the original index description will be displayed as the column headers.


Below is an example of the labels used in a cabinet. When the cabinet is opened this is the information available from the Custom Columns setup listed above. Custom Columns are customized and each user will have to set up.

May add to a cabinet with a right mouse click in the Sort By or Reference Index, open the column chooser and add the columns for the cabinet. Will also open in the filer when select folder is selected.




To add or remove columns, right click on column bar and then choose “Column Chooser”. Drag and drop between the customization window and the column bar. See adding columns on the next page.




Default columns displayed on the PSIsafe Dashboard for Workflow:




Additional columns available to be displayed on Dashboard:




Added columns in Customization will add to the Dashboard columns and save this view when selecting the option to "Save Layout". This will also load the selected width/height of each pane on the dashboard.




Column Chooser Right-Click Functions



  • Sort Ascending / Descending: Change sort of current column.
  • Clear Sorting: Clear sorting you have chosen from function above.
  • Column Chooser: Opens Column Chooser Dialog window as seen above.
  • Best Fit: Sets the column to be the best fit for the content.
  • Best Fit (all columns): Sets all columns to be the best fit for the content.



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