Capture Ribbon Menu

Capture Ribbon

The ribbon menu includes: File, Home, Settings, Security, Utilities, Window, and Help.



 Create Batch – Opens the Create Batch dialog box.


 Select Batch – Opens the Select Batch dialog box which will list only those batches that are in the Capture/Import workflow step. By highlighting a batch and clicking Select the selected batch will open.


 Brings up the Close Batch dialog box. Prompts the user to select one of three options described below:

  • Close Batch - Closes the current batch. The user stays in the Capture/Import Module, and the Select Batch dialog box comes up.
  • Close Batch and Continue in next Workflow step - Closes the current batch and the Capture/Import Module. The batch is immediately reopened in the next module of the workflow. 
  • Suspend Batch in Quality Assurance - Suspends the batch in the Capture/Import workflow step for processing at a later time. The Capture/Import Module remains open and the Select Batch dialog box comes up.


 Select Capture Profile - Brings up the Capture Profile window in order to choose a profile.


 Import Batch – This icon is only available for selection if there is an Import Batch step within the capture workflow. It provides the ability to perform batch import.


 View Batch Information - Brings up the Batch Information window.


 Start Capture – initiates capture process.


 Stop Capture – Stops the current capture process.


 Select Capture Device – Allows the selection of the device used to capture images.


 Configure Device Profiles – Allows for the creation of device profiles for capture device settings. For scanners, driver settings can be configured and named for quick recall during capture operations. For the Import Device, folder paths can be specified for quick access to image directories.


 Toggle Index Data Editing – Enables and disables the editing of index data in the Indexing Pane.


File Menu



Contains numerous commands specific to the Capture module and the current Batch.

Start Single Page Capture

Capture one page from the currently selected capture device.

Import/Export Device Profiles

Enables the user to export a device profile from a workstation and import that profile on an alternate workstation. Because device profiles are stored locally on each workstation this is often helpful when having multiple capture stations using the same type of capture device.



Device Driver Information

Provides information on the device driver information for the selected capture device.

Open New Viewer

Opens a new viewer in the Image Viewer Pane. Multiple viewers may be opened simultaneously. Various viewers may display different pages, as well as be adjusted using the viewer tools (i.e. zoom, rotate, magnify). See Viewing Ribbon Menu for more details.

Toggle Capture Progress Viewer

Opens a Progress Viewer to display the current progress of the captured pages.

Toggle Thumbnail Viewer

Opens a Thumbnail Viewer displaying thumbnails of the capture pages.

Initial Values Entry

Allows the user to enter data into index fields that are defined as either Sticky or Auto Incrementing. The data entered here will be carried over for all corresponding Sticky fields, and as a starting point for all Auto Incrementing fields.

Capture Setup

Brings up the Capture Settings dialog box. NOTE: All settings should be defined previously by the system administrator. However, some scan operators may wish to make adjustments to individual batch settings to suit their needs.

Image Processing Options

Brings up the Image Processing window where a user can add image processing for the documents in the current batch.



Recognition Options

Brings up the Recognition Settings dialog box, where barcode, patch code, and blank page detection method can be configured and previewed. See Recognition in Capture Profile Configuration for more details.


Exits out from PSIcapture. NOTE: If a batch is currently open, the user will be prompted to close or suspend the batch. The PSIcapture application will then close.

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