PSIcapture Hot Keys


The following article lists keyboard shortcuts for commonly used toolbar commands. The functionality of these commands are dependent on the item the User is currently focused on (i.e. Batch, Folder, Document, Page, Viewer).



Character Action
R Reject Batch



Character Action
E Combine Folders
T Rename Folder
DEL Delete Folder
R Reject Folder
I Page Information (First Page of First Document)



Character Action
F Create New Folder
W Combine Documents
DEL Delete Document
R Reject Document
I Page Information (First Page)



Character Action
Q Split Document
X Crop Page
DEL Delete Page
P PDF Bookmark
I Page Information



Character Action
B Toggle Bookmark
D Flag Delete
A Flag Review
S Flag Reject
Z Flag Process
V Flag Skip
1 Custom Flag 1
2 Custom Flag 2
3 Custom Flag 3
4 Custom Flag 4
5 Custom Flag 5
C Clear Flag
N Notes
G Tree Navigation - go to next item



Character Action

Zoom In

- Zoom Out
Page Up Scroll Up
Page Down Scroll Down
ALT + Left Arrow Rotate Left
ALT + Right Arrow Rotate Right
A Actual Size

Best Fit

H Fit to Height
W Fit to Width
Home Scroll to top of document
End Scroll to bottom of document



Character Action
Insert Add new record when using multiple records per document


Quality Assurance

Character Action
CTRL + B Switch between Tree View and Data View



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