PSIcapture Barcode Generator: Data Population Settings


PSIcapture's Barcode Generator allows the administrator to determine a variety of settings related to data population. Explore the options below to determine how best to configure your installation.



This is the default setting. All field data must be manually entered in the Barcode Data section.




Barcode Data is automatically populated by performing a database lookup.



The supported database types are:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Informix Dynamic Server
  • ODBC Complaint
  • OpenLink Virtuoso Server

Define a Database by clicking the Select button. This brings up the Database Connection Setup dialog box. User can then browse for a database. Enter ID login, if the targeted database requires user authentication. Click Test Connection to test accessibility.

The formatting of the returned date/time/numeric data can be defined by entering letter(s) in the Format column. Clicking Format Help brings up a list of formatting expressions. The database query can be refined via various criteria. Clicking the Build button will produce the Query Builder dialog box.



NOTE: See Capture Profile - Advanced for further details on data lookup.


Text File

Automatically populates the Barcode Data by performing an import from an existing text file.




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