Security Manager

NOTE: The security manager is only available in configurations using a Capture Server and/or Network Station. Standalone configurations do not have this module enabled.


The Security Console can also be accessed from PSIcapture Administration.






User Configuration

Select "Add User" to create a new user instead of using the default Windows Account creation method, which automatically creates a user account based on the current Windows user accessing PSIcapture. To adjust this setting, see "Configure" below.

Double-click on any User Card to open that user's information For more information on how to configure users and view their history, jump to the Users section.






Roles can be configured to customize what modules, security and configuration zones, and capture profiles a user can modify, create, or delete.


Add Role

When clicking "Add Role" the user will be presented with a variety of screens:

Properties:  Set the Name and Description of the Role.



System Permissions:  Set the access a user has to modules, utilities, and security settings.



Capture Profile Permissions:  Restrict a user to processing only selected Capture profiles.



Users:  Assign users to this role.








Set password invalid login attempts before a temporary lockout, and other password requirements.

Event History

Set the number of days that event history is tracked. For more information on event history, see the Users section.

External Authentication

External Authentication system: Set whether PSIcapture will use the Windows Security Provider, Filebound Security Provider, or None.

  • Configure: Applies to Filebound Security Provider, allowing the method, version, and connection information to be configured.

  • Import: PSIcapture attempts to get a user list via a standard LDAP get-user request based on the domain & Active Directory settings of the environment.

Enable Automatic user registration: Set whether users are automatically created when accessing PSIcapture.

Assign new users to role: Automatically assign users based on the above setting to a specific role by default.


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