PSIcapture Reference: Product Overview and ECM Capabilities


PSIcapture is a powerful third generation document capture application. Document capture is a segment of the larger content management software marketplace. The content management software market is a collection of related applications and technologies, described below.


Recognition engine technologies provide foundation services for document management applications. Often sold as software development toolkits (SDKs) to application developers, these services include Optical Character Recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), barcode recognition, image enhancement, forms identification, and more. Runtime components of recognition engine technology are found in document imaging and document management applications.


Document capture applications drive scanning devices and the process of capturing images. Production capture applications meet mid to high volume scanning requirements in centralized deployments, using batch capture methodologies. Distributed capture applications meet low to mid volume scanning requirements in LAN workgroup or web/internet deployments, using ad hoc capture methodologies.


Forms processing applications extract high value data from document images of paper forms, to populate line of business applications. Forms processing applications are optimized for accurate capture of target forms data. Modern forms processing applications can capture data from unstructured, semi-structured, and structured forms.


Content management systems provide scalable management services for unstructured content, including archive, retrieval, search, collaboration, workflow, and application integration. Vendors offer different flavors of content management systems for web site content, digital file content, document images, email, digital assets, and more.


The collection of applications described above is sometimes lumped into a singular, categorical called ‘Enterprise Content Management’, or ‘ECM’


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