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This article is intended for PSIcapture Administrators.



The PSIcapture Auto Import - General Setup page is designed to control the basic framework of how the Auto Import processor handles incoming content to be processed by your Capture Profile. These settings control the frequency, import amounts, and a host of additional configuration elements that can affect how the Auto Import processor queues the incoming content. Each configuration option is broken down in the sections below.




Enable Auto-Import

Enabling Auto-import allows for the monitoring of one or more local, network, Sharepoint/WebDAV, and Email folder locations.

  • Folders may be populated by MFP devices, network scanners, email/Fax servers or other devices which produce TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG or other data file types supported in Capture Profile Configuration/Data File Indexing.
  • Auto Import of documents is not the same as Workflow Auto Processing, which allows batches to be automatically processed through their workflows by the system. To learn more about this process, see Enabling Workflow Auto Processing.
  • Auto Import begins using an applicable PSIcapture License when the AutoImportProcessor.exe begins processing an Auto Import queue, which typically begins working when the Administrator selects "Enable Auto Import" checkbox.


Minimum Time Between Sessions

A value in minutes for the system to wait before beginning a session of importing files.


Batch Timeout

PSIcapture will process batches normally until their workflow is complete. However, if you intend to process batches which either may contain extremely large files, or will have such a large number of files that they may slow down other batches from being completed, you can opt to set a cap, in minutes, at which time the AutoImport processor will restart itself, suspend the batch in question, and continue to que up new batches after restarting. For example, if you have a batch timeout limit set to 30 minutes, and a batch takes 31 minutes to process, the batch errors out and the files are sent back for re-queue. Auto Import is run as a separate executable (Windows Program). If a batch timeout is present, the AutoImportProcessor.EXE must complete and report back to the auto import service before the time limit expires. If not, the executable is terminated, and the next directory in line is queued up by the service, thus creating a new AutoImportProcessor.EXE. It's important to be certain that your batch timeout is set to a relatively high number that will give all batches in the scope of your work the chance to complete, and only rule out problem batches. If the number is too low, you may end up with batches failing that only needed another minute or so to complete, which can become a huge bottleneck, and essentially reverse the intended effect of the feature.


File Sorting Method

The method to sort files for processing.


Maximum Imported Files per Batch

The cap for imported files in a single batch & workflow.

NOTE: This setting applies to the number of imported emails only. The subsequent attachments are not counted in this metric, and PSIcapture will not split attachments from their original emails into separate batches if the maximum number of files is exceeded including attachments.


Maximum Imported Pages per Batch

The cap for imported pages in a single batch & workflow.

NOTE: This setting does not apply for an Email Connector monitored location.


Delete Empty Directories Referenced in Data File Indexing data files after processing

The Data File Indexing module can reference folders during a workflow.


Append "(Auto Import)" to the end of each batch name

E.g. "Batch 10423.103122 (Auto Import)" 


Archive the queue manifest files

Each Auto Import Que has manifest files, which can be archived for reference purposes.


Filter File set by script

Set up a Script to adjust how specific files can be imported, along with many other configurable options. To learn more about how our professional services team members can set up a script customized to your specific needs, contact your sales representative.


Age-Based Selection Filters



These filters can be applied in a variety of areas and allow users to limit the scope of the Auto Import queue generation based on specific age requirements of the files within the monitored directories.


Monitored Directories

In order to apply these settings and begin watching a folder for Automatic Import, set up a Monitored Directory. For more information on proceeding to this step and the remaining configuration areas of Auto Import, see:


PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Capture Profile: Auto Import: Monitored Locations

PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Capture Profile: Auto Import: Network Resources

PSIcapture Administrator Guide: Capture Profile: Auto Import: Notifications


For a detailed walkthrough of configuring Email Connector, see:


PSIcapture Walkthrough: How to Configure Auto Import via Email Connector



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