Recognition: Patch Codes


Enable Patch Code Detection

Select this option to cause detection of patch codes and the program will attempt to recognize all patch code types (I, II, III, IV, VI, or T) during the capture process. NOTE: Setting what to do after detection is defined in the Capture Profile - Separation section of this manual.



The preview function allows the user to select an image and view the Patch Code on that image.



 - Select a sample image page from file containing patch codes and check for functionality.

 - Capture a sample image page containing patch codes and check for functionality.


 - Initiate detection. Each patch code will be listed in order of appearance on the page next to their type and values. Example shown is preview image above.


Patch Code Orientation

Define which page orientations the recognition engine will attempt to recognize patch codes. Select the appropriate direction(s) to enhance the speed of patch code recognition. The default is all directions and it is recommended that the user choose the default.

  • Left to Right
  • Right to Left
  • Top to Bottom
  • Bottom to Top


Skip recognition on back pages

Selecting this option will skip patch code detection on back pages, leading to increased performance during capture.

Recognition Engine Options/Reading Quality

The user may further optimize the barcode recognition accuracy and performance by specifying the reading quality of barcodes. Users can choose between:

  • Most Accurate - A slower process with more accurate results.
  • Fastest - A faster process speeding up processing time with more margin for error.


Zones to Recognize

Define which zones (default is entire page) to attempt patch code recognition in. Any patch codes outside the defined and selected zones will not be recognized. 

User can chose to detect the entire page (default) or define a zone for the recognition to process, further increasing performance. Hit “Define Zones” to proceed with Zone Configuration.



Zoom in to the desired area leaving room to maneuver. Then select the draw zones Icon and draw the zone(s). Name the zone and fill out which page of the document it is expected to be found on. The Zone Names are kept in a list for use anywhere in the program that the user can Define Zones. NOTE: The Page of the template and its resolution is displayed at the bottom of the screen and they MUST match the page and resolution at capture time.


 - Delete the highlighted unwanted zone. NOTE: If a zone is in use by any Capture Profile, the zone cannot be deleted.

 - this pulls up more OCR options like enabling OCR logical context filtering or enabling OCR Trigram mode.

 - Ungroup a cluster of child zones contained within the selected zone (child zones are used for OMR purposes).


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